Thursday, March 29, 2018

Horse Show Debut

Timbit and Carter made their horse show debut together this past weekend. It was most likely their first and last show together since Carter has outgrown Timbit. They did a walk only dressage test and scored a respectable 72%.

I will give Timbit credit and say that he acted like a seasoned pro from start to finish. He self loaded on the trailer, didn't peek at anything all day, confidently ate hay in his palatial horse show stall, paraded around the arena like a star, and generally acted as if he owned the show, the facility and life itself. His horse show behavior did, by a very tiny amount, make up for the countless times he has bitten or kicked at me, Jason, Kate, the farrier, the vet and generally any full sized person.

Congratulations to Carter and Timbit on a first and last successful horse show.

Carter and Timbit heading to the show ring

We almost had a stowaway come along for the ride; Igor was very interested as I was putting tack in the trailer.

Nothing was escaping Igor's notice

He thoroughly inspected the horse area of the trailer as well

We could have longed Timbit in his horse show stall

trainer Kate assisting Carter with his tie

Last minute preparations; the expressions of both Timbit and Carter say, "I've got this"

I'm not sure if Timbit or Carter has the bigger smile

 they stole the show on cuteness alone

Magic and Ripley

Dawn and MyLight

Calimba and Dawn

Renatta and Maisie

Cuffie and Lily

 It was hard to tell who was enjoying their hay so much . . . 

. . . it was Hemi

 Walon and Johnny

Elfin and Grand

Rocky, Johnny and Toledo
Alfie, Remmy and Duesy

Baner, Hesse and Bruno


Cocomo and Donneur

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sunday Stills

Cuffie and Norman

Trigger and Levendi

Mick and Lighty were staring at something but Sebastian was unimpressed

Cuffie on the run

Renatta and Charlotte

Sushi, Rubrico and Squirrel

Sabrina and Sparky

Walon and Wilson

Paramount and Happy

Remmy and Hesse

Quigly and Mick

Lily and Dawn

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Back to the Grind

Last week we added teeth floating back into the schedule. We split the farm in half and float teeth on half the farm in the spring and early summer, take a break for a couple of months, and then do the other half of the farm in late summer and fall. Basically we try to avoid the hottest and coldest times of the year. Last week we had perfect weather for our dental visit, mid 60s and sunny. Yesterday we had awful weather, low 50s and very light but nonstop rain.

Whenever I start to complain about the weather (which has happened a lot the last couple of days) Jason shows me the forecast where he's from in Canada and I immediately stop complaining. But then I start again after a few minutes. February and March are unpredictable months in middle Tennessee. You get these stretches of beautiful days in the 60s and 70s and you start to get happy and comfortable. Then you have days like yesterday and today and it makes you grumpy and whiny. Unless you're Canadian like Jason and then you think of them as "nice."

Anyway, we're officially back to the grind(ing) of teeth in 2018.

Apollo having his teeth floated

Taco and B-Rad

Cino and Bruno

Merlin and Fabrizzio

Remmy and Duesy

Baner and Art

Thomas and Convey

Cisco and Revy

Trigger and King

Levendi, Homer, Moe and Cisco

Silver, Gus, Asterik and Cocomo

Johnny and Toledo


Dolly and Maisie

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday Stills

Rocky, Rubricio, Gus, Wilson, Sushi, Squirrel and Roho . . . 

. . . Rubrico, Rocky, Gus, Sushi, Wilson, Squirrel

Lotus and Romeo

Silver and Gus

Duesy, Fabrizzio and Merlin

Elfin and Trigger being silly . . . 

. . . followed by the usual "just standing here" pose

Gibson and Donneur


Lofty and Gus

Johnny and Walon

Roho and Gus

Magic and Ripley