Thursday, February 26, 2015

Let It . . . Melt

As Mother Nature continues to puke her guts out on us today was at least less craptastic than last week. It snowed last night. We were already ahead of the game when we actually got the snow that was predicted instead of ice.  As Charlie Sheen would say, winning!  

Even better was that the snow melted fairly promptly. By about 10:30 this morning it was largely gone. There was still some snow in the woods and shaded areas, but otherwise it received the memo that this is still the south and it is supposed to melt. Things are starting to feel more normal. 

The best part was when Jason walked out in one of the pastures to one of the daffodil pastures. Amazingly there were a couple that were within a day or two of blooming. Apparently all hope is not lost. 

I could go on and on about the fact that we are almost into March and we should be thinking about prepping our lawnmower for the season, not celebrating the fact that our snow melted. But clearly my feelings on the matter don't count when it comes to weather these days so I'll take what little victories I can and then attempt to shut up about it. I'm sure it comes as a surprise to exactly no one that the last part (about shutting up) really is a struggle for me. 

I did see where one day next week it is supposed to be almost 70 degrees. However I'm not getting my hopes up yet. It isn't next week and NOAA has not exactly been hitting it out of the park when it comes to accurate forecasting lately. I guess I'll find out what Mother Nature has planned for us soon enough.


a snowy cupola on one of the run-in sheds

snow view

maybe Spring is still coming after all

another snow view with Sebastian eating breakfast

Alex eating his breakfast


O'Reilly . . . 

. . . sticking his tongue out at me

Norman and Lily

Cinnamon, Maisie and MyLight

Largo, Kennedy and Oskar

Chance and Leo


Levendi and Elfin

Trigger, Tony and Apollo

Ritchie, Thomas and Moe

Rip and Hemi were playing

Hesse, Remmy and Walden

two of the pet cows

Timbit and Griselle

Thomas, Ritchie, Moe and Baby; the snow was already starting to melt

I took the last three pictures at about 10:30am today and the snow was largely gone. Fabrizzio and Merlin

bye bye snow

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Winning the War

Last week was definitely one for the history books. In my lifetime I do not ever remember a week in late February that was anything like last week. As I mentioned last week I was an involuntary participant in the record setting weather we were having. 

It is all starting to blur in my memory, or maybe I am simply trying to not remember, but the week went something like this. Sunday night and Monday we had an ice storm that we were told was going to be a snow storm. On Wednesday we had 30mph (48kph) winds, that was really awesome. We got a little bit of snow on Wednesday or Thursday, I can't exactly remember which day as it is all one big awful memory right now. Then we got even more snow on Friday. You can see the Friday snow pictures here. To top it off the snow changed to sleet and freezing rain Friday night through Saturday morning so we had more ice. Then later in the day Saturday the precipitation changed forms again and we got 1.5 inches (3.8cm) of rain. The ground turned into complete muck until Sunday night when everything froze up again and has remained mostly frozen since.

I believe the synopsis is snow - ice - wind - snow - snow - ice - rain - frozen ground. This does not happen in middle Tennessee in late February. You can check the history books and you won't find anything comparable. In fact this would have been considered a horrible week in January. 

Jason's Canadian roots were very useful last week. Like most southerners I assumed I was doomed to slipping and sliding around on the ice until Mother Nature saw fit to allow things to melt. Jason had other plans. 

He went to the co-op and bought I think 30 bags of salt. He put the seed/fertilizer spreader on one of the tractors and went to work.  He salted our mile long driveway. He salted around the barns. He salted around the gates and traffic areas in the pastures. He had to do all of this more than once last week as Mother Nature continued to puke her guts out on us.  In total he spread about 1,200 pounds (544 kg) of salt on the farm last week. Our driveway was ice and snow free as were the three barnyards. The pastures in the traffic areas and around the gates were also ice and snow free. We could easily lead horses to and from the barns and anywhere they needed to go. It was nice in an awful kind of way. Nice would have been a normal late February week with blooming daffodils but I digress . . .

Jason was determined to win the war

Jason is not a southerner. No southerner was smiling last week. But Canadian Jason was taking selfies and giving a thumbs up to himself while he was spreading salt (again).

As Jason and I drove to the grocery store last Friday in anticipation of our next ice storm he was appalled as we passed untreated driveway after untreated driveway. He kept commenting on it. Finally he said to me "don't you people understand that in order to win the war against winter you have to get out there and do something? You can't just roll over and play dead. You have to fight winter. Fight it."

I replied in a broken voice "We aren't in the war. We lost before it started. We can't fight winter because we don't know how. Why won't it just melt already? That's what it always does in the past. It melts all on its own. It just melts.  It certainly doesn't keep icing and snowing and icing and snowing.  It melts. It ends. " Envision Melissa on the verge of tears at this point.

Jason looked at me with disappointment and shame. Canadian Jason just doesn't comprehend certain aspects about being southern, and the response to winter is one of them. He repeated a few more times that you have to fight winter. But I don't want to fight winter. I don't want winter. It is one war I'm not going to win because I, like almost everyone else in middle Tennesse, won't fight. 

All schools, both public and private, were closed every day last week. They were also closed yesterday (Monday). Today some of the school systems in middle Tennessee finally reopened.  It may be a short lived return. I just made the mistake of looking at our forecast tomorrow. What did it say? A 50% chance of snow for tomorrow afternoon. Just shoot me now, I'm already surrendering in anticipation of another possible war with winter. 


Murphy, Africa and Johnny (Dutch napping in the background)


Elfin and Homer

Asterik and Gus

Silver and Cocomo

Donneur and Faune

Ritchie and Hemi

Bruno and Lightning

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Stills

Pictures from our snow day on Friday; Johnny and Lighty

Silky and MyLight



Asterik and Flyer

Gus and George

Lightning and Fabrizzio

a little snow on top of ice; at least it was pretty

a shed in use during a logical time was worthy of a picture; Cuffie, Traveller, Silky and MyLight

Kennedy and River; grooming is hard with blankets on

Apollo and Thomas

Levendi, Moe and Homer

Johnny, B-Rad, Dutch, Renny and Murphy

the pet cows with Griselle, Timbit and Sparky behind them