Thursday, February 19, 2015

Let It . . . Sleet, Snow, Rain?

In my last post we had a completely unpredicted ice storm instead of the predicted snow storm. I spent time sliding around on my butt instead of walking, couldn't get to my can of ice melter because it was in the truck which was iced shut, and couldn't open any of the snaps on the gates. 

So what has changed in the last 48 hours?  Well, the snaps on the gate are functioning normally again so no more mouth to mouth resuscitation required. It snowed a little bit, still not enough for Carter to build his snowman but we did make a couple of snowballs. We had 30mph winds yesterday, that was particularly wonderful. Jason's comment was that if he put a string on me he could fly me like a kite. I'm still not sure it that was a compliment or an insult.  

We are setting all kinds of records for cold temperatures which means very little of the ice has melted. I also feel the need to mention that I am an involuntary participant in this record setting weather. The low last night was 5 degrees. Five. And we were the warmest spot in middle Tennessee. This is late February in the south. Or at least I was in the south the last time I checked. I'm supposed to be looking at my blooming daffodils this time of year, not dealing with ice and snow. Last week the daffodils were just about to bloom. I imagine this week they are just about to die, I haven't actually had the heart to look.

I've pretty much stopped looking at the weather forecast because it just makes me cry. Tomorrow it is supposed to snow, sleet, freeze rain and rain all within a 24 hour period. Isn't that wonderful? "They" are saying we will have very little accumulation. However after "they" failed spectacularly with our snow storm that was actually an ice storm on Monday I'm not sure I trust this. Then on Saturday is supposed to be 48 degrees and rain all day. I'm just not seeing anything to be enthusiastic about in that forecast.

Really I shouldn't complain. So far nothing has frozen, I don't have to deal with hoses thanks to our frost free waterers (which have lived up to their frost free claim) and everyone is healthy and happy. Heck the horses are having fun. Me, well, not so much. Cheers to our "wintry mix" we are supposed to get tomorrow. At least it makes for nice pictures! 


Trigger and Ritchie

Fabrizzio and Duesy


Oskar and Stormy

Donovan, Rubrico and River (Largo in the background at the water trough)

The reasonings behind shed usage escape me. When it is raining, sleeting or snowing they are all empty. When it is sunny, not windy and no precipitation of any type? Full.  Grand, Elfin, Trigger, Leo and Levendi

Oskar and Toledo


Taco and Mick

Rocky, River, Rubrico and Donovan

Alex, Dutch, Murphy, Renny and Taco

Lighty and Mick

Tony and Chance


RiderWriter said...

I haven't visited in a while but wanted to check on you all during this filthy weather. I knew you would just be THRILLED with the temps in TN! :-/ Glad you are hanging in there and the horses, too.

I have to say I'm extremely puzzled by the shed usage as well. Of course I would have predicted the exact opposite of what they do at your farm. ??? Someone somewhere has to have done a study on "things that cause horses to seek shelter"... would be interesting to look.

RiderWriter said...

I haven't visited in a while (due to busyness, not disinterest) but thought I'd check in to see how you all were faring in this filthy weather. I knew you would be just THRILLED with the temps in middle TN right now! :-/ Glad you are all "okay," including the horses.

I, too, am greatly puzzled by the behavior of the horses with the sheds. They're doing the exact opposite of what we'd expect. ??? Someone somewhere has to have done a study....

EvenSong said...

Lilly: "I moved south from Ohio for THIS?!?"

Lori Skoog said...

This winter has turned into an arctic marathon for so many. Rain on top of ice and snow should make things pretty interesting.

foffmom said...

You nailed it with "involuntary participant". Today we have had all three, sleet, snow, and rain. At least the roads haven't refrozen. And we still have power. And my horses seem to love it! The twenty-five year old was bucking and kicking and twisting into forms I would not have thought he could have managed..he is in better shape than I am.