Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Marathon Moves Into High Gear

Blu staring longingly at his pasture while having a bath. Blu was part of our marathon Thursday when we clipped four horses; Blu, Taco, Sebastian and Paramount. Since our last blog post on Wednesday we've clipped eight more horses.

Sebastian and Paramount ready for clipping

Paramount in progress

Taco in progress and looking so thrilled

Paramount finished and ready to go back out

Sebastian in progress

Blu in progress

Sebastian and Taco were not into posing for after pictures

Blu finished and headed back to his pasture

Taco was off at a gallop the moment his halter was removed

Sebastian and Paramount did not hang around with the humans either

Wilson liked to make sure he was being scrubbed thoroughly while having a bath; Wilson and Rubrico were clipped on Friday

Rubrico and Wilson after their baths and ready for clipping

I forgot to take "official" post clip pictures of Rubrico and Wilson. Rubrico after his clip

Wilson with Ripley after his clip

Rip and Cuffie were clipped on Saturday; Rip lathered up during his pre-clip bath

Rip pre-clip

Rip post clip

Cuffie drying after his bath

Cuffie in progress

Cuffie was not interested in posing for an after picture . . .

. . . if looks could kill I would be dead . . . 

. . . but Cuffie posed happily for me once he was back in his field

Walden, Duesy and Havana

Levendi and Moe

Happy and Johnny

Digby and Blu saying, "were you looking for us? We're right behind you."

Grand, Elfin and Rip are almost never late for breakfast, they're always watching and waiting

Cocomo and Donneur looked pretty in the morning light . . . 

. . . as did Lofty

Mick, Digby, Johnny, Paramount, Sam and Nemo . . . 

. . . Mick, Sam, Digby, Johnny and Paramount


Traveller and  Lily


Thomas, Hemi and Apollo

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Marathon Continues

The body clipping marathon has continued this week with two more done. The plan, weather permitting, is to clip four horses tomorrow. If that happens we will have hit the halfway point in exactly one week. I've hit the point where I feel like I'm permanently covered in hair, especially in those locations where it makes you itchy. Horse hair in the mouth is another familiar feeling these days. Six body clips down, many more to go . . .

Revy soaped and ready for rinsing while King waits his turn; the both look like they would prefer to be doing something else

Revy nice and shiny post clip aside from the dirt. How did he get so dirty? I let go of him and thought I'd get a quick picture. Instead he dropped and rolled as seen below . . . 

Revy says, "this is what I think of your  hope to get a 'clipped and shiny' picture"

"Are you ready to take my picture now?"

King telling me I had better be done because he was done

I didn't feed quite as early as normal yesterday because I waited for some of the heavy fog to lift. My lateness was noticed. L-R Homer, Hemi, Moe, Thomas and Apollo . . . 

. . . L-R Rip, Grand, Elfin, Homer, Hemi, Moe

Digby and B-Rad

Remmy and Merlin

Walon and Toledo

Donovan, Wilson and Johnny

Rubrico and Rocky

Gibson and Flyer


Romeo and Lotus

Nemo and Taco