Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dirty Jobs

After we finished morning chores today Jason unhappily stomped off to go hook up the Bush Hog. His exact words as he stalked away were something along the lines of "I hate hooking up this bleeping thing."  Well, obviously I did not type his exact words here but you get the drift. Typically I am the first person to offer to help with just about any task, however hooking up the bush hog is one that I never, ever volunteer to help with anymore. It never seems to go as planned and Jason always ends up seriously unhappy. So I avoid the whole thing.

When I next saw him, about thirty minutes later, I was rather taken aback by his appearance. About a million comments went through my mind at once when I saw him, however I wisely, in my opinion, went with the fairly neutral "What happened? Are you ok?" 

These are the shorts Jason was wearing. Now imagine his shirt, his legs, socks, arms, etc. all looking like this.

In response to my query Jason immediately unleashed a tirade about the bleeping bush hog, how much he hated the bleeping bush hog, how much of a pain the bleeping bush hog was, etc. I could go on but you get the idea. So I tried again and this time asked "what happened?"  

This led to another tirade about the jack breaking in half (I was like WTF how does a jack break in half?? but didn't feel it was the right time to question that statement further), the PTO shaft not moving and he had to use the loader on the tractor to get it move (another WTF moment for me) and on and on and on. From what I pieced together from these rants the end result appeared to be a bush hog that was not hooked up and Jason covered from head to toe in grease and dirt.

our headstrong bush hog finally hooked up and ready to mow

Jason mowing away with the bleeping bush hog

Timbit supervising the mowing of his pasture. Mostly I think he was happy that the grass wasn't as tall as him anymore.

Jason then left to attempt to de-grease himself, change clothes and go get some parts. Amazingly about an hour later he was much cleaner and the bush hog was finally hooked up and ready to mow. Most of the pastures do not need much mowing yet with the exception of one pasture where the grass was three feet tall. But there are patches here and there that need to be mowed. So Jason only has to deal with the bleeping bush hog for a few hours this go round. The next mowing will take him 2 or 3 days. 

I will admit that I am kind of sad to see a few of the weeds get mowed down. Most of the weeds I am happy to see go and I hope they never come back but a few of them are pretty. Undoubtedly a small piece of Jason's soul just died when he read that. It causes him physical pain to see weeds growing in his pastures, but when you have horses, the grazing species that is harder on pasture than any other grazing species, you are going to have weeds. It doesn't matter what you do. The fact that I even mention weeds is damaging enough to Jason's psyche. But the fact that I just said a few weeds were pretty I'm sure makes Jason feel like I am throwing poisoned darts at him right now. When he sees that I posted a few pictures of said weeds, well, like I said I'm pretty sure a small piece of him just died.

the pretty weeds

Now that I've tortured Jason's soul with this post I should probably end here. I hope everyone's week has been great so far!!

George and Asterik doing some synchronized rolling; looking on are Romeo, Lofty, Lotus and Donneur  who also participated in the rolling session

Walden, Merlin and Fabrizzio behind them

Fabrizzio and Noble

Levendi and Thomas

Tony and Ritchie

Murphy and Dutch

Lily and Maisie


a wet Dolly opted to skip the grass and snack on some leaves instead

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The List Keeps Growing

Last week was a very busy week. So far this week it has been slightly less busy, yet regardless of how hard we work the to-do list keeps growing. As I said to a friend of mine over the weekend "that ain't right." 

Although I am exhausted yet again this evening I am also slightly giddy as I relish the thought that I did my last body clip of the spring today. I have body clipped eight horses over the last four weeks. That doesn't seem like a huge number as I type it, however I have a lot of hours into these body clips at this point. When most of your victims subjects are  making it very clear that a bath (usually a double bath) and a body clip were absolutely, positively not on their list of things to do that day it can make for some fun times. I have lost count of how many poop piles I have cleaned up, how many screams have been trumpeted in my ear, and how many times my victim subject and I did our own version of the tango in the cross ties.

Sebastian wrapped up the spring 2014 body clipping brigade today

Although it seems like I just finished the spring mane taming project yesterday I spent several hours today starting round two of mane maintenance. Not only does hoof growth accelerate at this time of year, mane growth seems to move into warp speed. As I trudged through the pastures chasing down unwilling participants I had an inner dialogue with myself. 

Me: Self, why do you do this? You hate doing manes, just let them grow. It doesn't matter.

Me:  I hate the look of unpulled manes. Hate it, hate it, hate it. 

Me: Self, which do you dislike more? The look of unpulled manes are actually wrestling with the manes?

Me: I don't know, I hate both of those things. 

Me: Self, hate is a strong word. 

Me: Yes I know.

I went around and around with myself and really tried to talk myself into letting the manes grow. Thus far, despite my absolute loathing of mucking around with manes, I am still unable to convince myself to just let them go.

Needless to say after spending a day working on manes and body clipping horses I was covered in horse hair from head to toe. In example number 999 as to why Jason and I would make terrible neighbors I actually took my clothes off outside when I was done this evening and then ran straight to the shower. Yes, TMI I know. However it would be even worse if we lived in a subdivision, then it would be serious TMI for our poor neighbors. On that note I will say goodnight. 


Sam, Johnny and Lighty

Lightning and Lucky

Traveller and MyLight

Chance and Leo

Lofty and Silver

Romeo and Flyer

Stormy and Bergie

Duesy and Bruno

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Stills

Kennedy, Toledo, Largo and Clayton

Baby and Homer

Darby, Alex and B-Rad


Duesy and Lucky

Apollo and Elfin

Silver and Faune

George and Cocomo

Thursday, May 22, 2014

We Do All the Things

Even by our standards this week has been busy. Every day we have been up and at 'em and out feeding horses no later than 5:30am.  Our days have continued on from there and we usually make it back in the house by 7:30pm. Math was never my best subject however by my calculations we are 56 hours into this work week and it is only Thursday. It is a good thing we enjoy what we do and embrace the fact that it is as much a lifestyle as it is a job. 

We have had a day with the dentist this week, we had a farrier day today, I've done some more bodyclipping, we are dog sitting Bella and Trooper, the vet will be here tomorrow, Jason removed all the hay feeders from the pastures and started making compost piles, and in the middle of all that Miss Lyle the goat was waiting for us in the driveway one morning instead of in the goat paddock. And of course we have done the usual feeding, medicating and otherwise caring for the horses each day. Our goat escape artist was out again so I guess it is back to the drawing board for more goat containment strategies.

I am going to take a shower and collapse into bed. I might even sleep as soundly and as long as Jason tonight! Following are some pictures in which we do all the things:

Rip having his teeth floated

Ritchie having his incisors balanced

Ritchie and Trigger were trying to pull each other's halters off while waiting their turn with the dentist . . .

. . . "What? We weren't doing anything except standing here. Promise."

Bergie's body clip in progress

Jason cleaning up the hay feeders and making compost piles

Miss Lyle jumped out again despite our goat containment efforts

Jason holding Cinnamon for the farrier

 Bella says supervising is a tiring job

 Grand walking over to investigate Bella

Thomas hanging out with his best pal Jason while waiting for his turn with the farrier

a morning view of the farm just as the fog was finally lifting

a sunset view

Walon and Oskar having fun

Donovan, Toledo and Kennedy were having a 3 way play session

Norman and Calimba grooming

Hemi and Leo


Fabrizzio and Walden

apparently Africa had a very late night last night