Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday Stills

Thomas, Apollo and Hemi

Homer, Rip and Grand

Cinnamon and Renatta

Donovan and River

Silver and Faune

Paramount and Happy

Taco and Miel

Norman, Dolly and Traveller

Cisco, Revy and Moe

King and Grand

Donovan and Rubrico

Nemo, Lighty and Sebastian

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Year In Pictures

January 2016

Blu and Lighty

Nemo and Taco

Lightning and Lucky

George, Gus and Asterik

Elfin and Hemi

Homer and Convey

Grand and Rip

Gus and Roho

Blu, Sam, Murphy and Taco

Cuffie and Dolly

Lighty and Johnny

Cino, Merlin, Walden and Fabrizzio

February 2016

Happy and Johnny

Trigger, Elfin, Homer and Moe

Griselle and Bonnie

Rubrico and Rocky

Faune and Cocomo

Johnny napping, Clayton, River and Rocky eating hay

Apollo and  Hemi

Happy, Sam, Nemo and Blu

February sunrise

Romeo, Lotus, Lofty and Donneur

Walden, Duesy, Fabrizzio and Bruno

Moe, Thomas and Levendi out cold; Trigger and Hemi standing

Donneur and Gibson

B-Rad, Sebatian, Murphy, Mick, Sam and Lighty

March 2016

Timbit, Griselle and Bonnie

Elfin, Grand and Cisco

Taco and Johnny

Apollo and Thomas

Toledo and Kennedy

Rocky and Walon

Duesy showing off

Walden, Remmy, Hesse and Baner having a chestnut club meeting

George, Cocomo and Asterik

Lighty, Johnny, Happy and Murphy

George, Faune, Flyer and Donneur waiting for breakfast

April 2016

Lucky and Bruno

Gus and Roho

Duesy and Merlin

Flyer and Silver

Mick and Nemo

Dolly and Cuffie

Calimba and Cinnamon


Romeo and Lotus

Grand and Rip

Rubrico, Toledo and River

Silver and Flyer

May 2016

Baby, Tony and Elfin

Donovan and River

Norman and Cuffie; pony BFFs

Sebastian and Mick

Roho and Gus

Toledo and Walon

Lighty and Sam

Chance, Convey and Cisco

Romeo, Faune and Lofty

B-Rad and Blu

Sebastian and Johnny

MyLight and  Maisie


Calimba and Lily having an early morning grazing session (Maisie in the background)

June 2016

Johnny and Mick

Miel and Sam

three clean greys, not a view I see very often; Asterik, George and Cocomo

Oskar and Johnny

Maisie and Renatta

Ripley and River

pretty June morning

Thomas, Hemi and Apollo

Cocomo and Lotus

July 2016

Happy, Murphy, Mick and Lighty

B-Rad and Nemo

Sabrina and Bonnie

Dolly and Traveller

Dawn and MyLight

Norman and Charlotte

Lighty and Miel

Taco, Nemo, Johnny, B-Rad and Sebastian

Baner, Hesse and Remmy

August 2016

Trigger, Homer and Moe

Cinnamon, Dolly and Dawn

Traveller and Norman

Maisie and Lily

Elfin, Grand and Rip

Charlotte and Renatta

Cocomo, Gus and Silver

Rocky and Toledo

Asterik and George

September 2016

Apollo and Hemi

Duesy and Bruno

Havana, Cino, Remmy and Hesse

Cocomo and Donneur

Ripley and Toledo

Gus and Asterik

Chance, Convey and Trigger

Toledo, Donovan and Rocky

Cuffie and  Lily

Havana and Bruno grooming

Maise, Calimba, Dawn and Cinnamon having an after-breakfast grooming session

Murphy, Happy and Sebastian

Levendi, Moe and Homer

October 2016

Walon and Rubrico

Toledo and Wilson

Roho and Gus

MyLight and Calimba

Mick and Miel

Merlin, Cino and Lightning

Flyer and Asterik

Romeo and Silver

Homer and Revy hanging out

Faune and Cocomo

Flyer and Gibson

Lofty and Donneur

Thomas and Moe

November 2016

Baner and Cino

Renatta and Dawn (note the bird perched on Dawn's rump)


Nemo and Digby


Calimba and Dolly

Trigger and Chance

pretty sunrise

Rip and Grand

Gus and George


Sam and Sebastian

Taco and Happy

December 2016

the daily afternoon charge to come eat; Walden always leads the pack and here he is followed by Fabrizzio, Havana, Baner, Hesse, Bruno and Remmy. 

Blu and Johnny

Cisco and Levendi

Oskar and Rubrico

Oscar in his heated cat house

Merlin and Duesy

Happy, Taco and Sam on the run

Revy attempting to pull off Grand's blanket

Remmy and Merlin playing with a stick

The End