Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday Stills

Some of the mares were being wild; Dawn on the run

Dawn and Renatta

Dolly on the move with Cuffie ignoring all of the action



Dolly, Charlotte and Renatta deciding if they should make another lap

Cinnamon decided to join in the fun

Charlotte and Dolly

Renatta and Charlotte

Lighty, Sam and Digby were fascinated watching the mares . . .

. . . an interesting look from Sam

Lily watched as well

Lotus and Romeo

Oscar impatiently waiting to be served

Wilson and Rubrico playing

Roho and Ripley playing with Wilson in front ignoring them

Paramount and Lighty were being wild

Nemo and Johnny playing . . . 

. . . and giving the usual "oh hey, we're just standing around" look

Sparky and Timbit