Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Wednesday Pictures

Asterik, Donneur, Moses and Gibson

Bruno, Remmy and Fabrizzio

George, Asterik and Cocomo

Toledo and Magic

Trigger, Ricardo and Cisco

Sparky and Sabrina

Art, Havana and Remmy . . . 

. . . a closer look at Art and Havana . . . 

. . . a closer look at Remmy

King and Levendi

Merlin, Alfie, Havana and Taylor

Lofty and George

Maggie and Charlotte

Ascot, B-Rad, Blu, Sebastian and Nemo

Romeo and Gus

Duesy, Alfie and Renny . . . 

. . . a closer look at Renny and Alfie

Bruno, Art and Baner

Grand and Rip

Silver and Moses

Nemo and Miel

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sunday Stills

Wilson and Roho playing

Moses and Flyer

Oscar looking quite grumpy

Squirrel and Sushi

Gus and Rubrico

Maisie and Calimba having a lazy afternoon

Fabrizzio, Bruno and Remmy


Lily and Maggie

Mick and B-Rad

Baby and Ricardo

Dawn and Penny

Miel, Sam, Quigly, Lighty and Digby

Baby and Thomas

Revy and Ricardo

Toledo and Walon

Moe and Homer

Mick and Paramount

Sebastian, Digby and Quigly

Magic and Ripley enjoying the mud

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Thursday Pictures

Johnny and Happy

Gus and Roho

Taco, Quigly, Nemo and Sam

Gibson and Lofty

King and Moe

Charlotte, Traveller, Norman and Lily

Hemi and Apollo

Rip and Grand

Walon and Rocky

Cuffie, Jake, Penny, Cinnamon and Maisie . . . 

. . . a closer look at Maisie . . . 

. . . a closer look at Penny and Jake (Dolly and Missy behind them) . . .

. . . a closer look at Cinnamon and Cuffie . . . 

. . . a closer look at Dolly and Missy


Chance and Convey