Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Mina's Day Out

Mina, one of the World's Cutest Fainting Goats, continues to make her grand tour of vets in middle Tennessee. The story of Mina's vet visits began on New Year's day, and the saga continues to unfold. About a week after her initial emergency vet visit we begged our favorite horse vet to come and exam her which was vet visit number two. We then had a consultation between our favorite horse vet and another mixed practice vet for visit number three. Although Mina is significantly better than she was on the first day of the year, we thankfully are no longer discussing euthanasia, she's still not well. A week and a half ago vet visit number four happened.

Vet visit number four involved us transporting her to our equine clinic to see our favorite horse vet again. We put a dog harness on Mina (she felt shame wearing a dog harness) and she had another day trip to the vet, this time to Tennessee Equine Hospital. We made quite the entrance as we paraded into the horse clinic with our fainting goat on a leash. We told our vet to do whatever needed to be done; endoscopy, ultraound, x-rays, whatever was needed to try and pinpoint, and hopefully resolve, Mina's issues. Mina had it all. Mina's bills keep adding up and we haven't yet gotten the bill for Mina's second day trip off the farm.

After all of the diagnostics and reviews of the imaging, we had a mixed bag of results. We were happy to hear that Mina's aspiration pneumonia appears to be gone thanks to all of the antibiotics. We think, from all of the diagnostics and imaging at the clinic, that somehow Mina damaged her trachea. The bad news is there isn't really anything that can be done. The good news is that she is able to eat and drink comfortably, she isn't losing any weight, and time might heal her trachea as long as she stays reasonably comfortable. She is on steroids for pain management, and we are in a holding pattern and waiting game for now.

Mina was a star at the horse clinic and probably a lot more cooperative than some of their equine patients. Everyone had their cell phones out and I'm confident Mina's image was circulating around social media for a a day or two. She had her 15 seconds of fame and this would meet with Mina's approval. We also told her she is most likely the only goat in middle Tennessee who has had four vets working on her behalf. Nothing but the best for the World's Cutest Fainting Goats.

Mina standing quietly while having an ultrasound

Gibson. Donneur, Lofty and Lotus


Walon and Sushi were being extra wild (Magic watching)

Norman and Calimba

B-Rad and Blu

Asterik and George

Rocky and Ripley


Cino and Fabrizzio

Taylor, Alfie and Duesy

Baner and Hesse

Digby, Quigly and Nemo

Paramount and Lighty

King and Trigger

Thomas, Apollo and Moe on the run

Art and Remmy playing . . . 

. . . then Merlin joined them

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sunday Stills


Nemo, Happy and Johnny

Igor ignored Asterik and Cocomo as he walked by them

Baby, Apollo and Cisco

Moe and Revy

Maisie and Cinnamon


Squirrel and Gus

Sparky, Sabrina and Bonnie

Silver, Romeo, Donneur and Lofty

Renatta and Cuffie


Apple the pet cow stuffing herself with hay

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A Year In Pictures

January 2017

Baby, Levendi, Apollo, Hemi and Thomas

King and Grand

Oskar waiting to be served

Paramount and  Lighty being wild

Silver and Asterik

Miel and Nemo playing in the snow

Rubrico and River posing in the snow

Igor and Jason a couple of weeks after Jason and Carter found him at the end of 2016 as a scared, thin, barely alive kitten

February 2017

Cocomo and Romeo being wild

Cuffie on the run

Cinnamon and Maisie waiting for breakfast

Convey and Revy

The World's Cutest Fainting Goats helping themselves to some hay

Grand and Rip

River and Walon

Gus and Oskar


Thomas and Trigger playing with a stick

Flyer, Lofty, Romeo and Faune

Cinnamon and Calimba

March 2017

Maisie and MyLight

Walden, Hesse and Remmy


Silver, Cocomo and Lotus

Cino and Remmy being wild

Johnny and Mick

Lightning and Havana

Rubrico and Gus

early morning view with snow on the ground; the snow was gone by late morning

Merlin, Duesy and Fabrizzio

Renatta and Charlotte

Hemi and Cisco

April 2017

Walden, Duesy and Havana

Mick, Digby, Johnny, Paramount, Sam and Nemo

Donovan, Wilson and Johnny

Rubrico and Rocky

Dolly and Cinnamom

Cuffie and Norman grooming

Sam and Lighty

Calimba leading the way in for breakfast followed by Renatta and Lily

L-R Wilson, Toledo, Johnny, Ripley, Rubrico, Walon

May 2017


Apollo and Hemi

Oscar stretched out on our porch table

Cocomo posing with Donneur in the background

R-L Cino, Merlin, Hesse, Remmy, Baner, Bruno, Walden, Fabrizzio

Traveller, Dawn and Charlotte

Bruno and Merlin

Gus and Roho

Moe and Thomas

visitor on the driveway

June 2017

Convey and Chance

pretty sunrise

Walon, Wilson, Magic and Johnny


Silver and Lotus grooming

Miel and Taco

Cuffie and Lily

Johnny and Happy

Squirrel, Magic and Sushi

Dolly and Traveller grooming

Homer and Moe, also known as "the twins"

Sparky sandwiched between Bonnie and Sabrina

Flyer and Donneur

July 2017

Miel and Mick

Cocomo, Silver and Gus


Sparky and Igor telling each other good morning

Remmy, Baner and Hesse

B-Rad and Blu

Cocomo and Donneur having a sunrise grooming session

Cuffie and Dawn

August 2017

Taco and Happy

Grand and Rip grooming

Romeo and Lotus

Sebastian and Blu

Toledo and Rocky

MyLight and Calimba

Lofty and Donneur

Gus and George framed by a pretty sunrise

Sushi and Squirrel

Alfie and Bruno grooming

Hemi, Levendi and Apollo

Trigger, Chance and Convey

September 2017

she wandered up to our farm as a scared, nameless stray and hit the jackpot with our friend Leslie; she's now Abigail Rose


Flyer and George grooming

Taylor and Merlin

Rip, Grand and Elfin

Lily and Maisie grooming

Thomas, Apollo and Hemi

Convey and King

L-R Toledo, Rocky, Gus, Sushi, Roho

Ewen having an encounter with a hawk

Alfie, Taylor, Remmy and Baner

Donneur resting his head on George's back

Norman and Cuffie

October 2017

Cisco and Levendi being wild

Sabrina, Sparky and Timbit waiting for breakfast

Quigly and Happy

Gibson and Lofty

Taco and Nemo

Rubrico and Sushi

Digby, Happy, Paramount, Johnny and Mick

Sam and Lighty

Duesy and Hesse

Silver hanging out with some visiting egrets

Asterik and Flyer

Trigger and Levendi

Ripley and Magic

November 2017

Bonnie and Igor

Miel, Sam and Mick

Chance, Trigger and Convey

Rip and Revy being wild


Cisco and Levendi

Alfie and Taylor

George, Gibson and Asterik

Apollo, Thomas and Hemi

Romeo and George

December 2017

Blu and B-Rad

Renatta, Cuffie and Dawn

L-R Cinnamon, Dolly, Dawn, Maisie

King and Trigger

Wilson and Rocky

Sushi and Roho playing

Squirrel and Gus playing

Taylor and Merlin being wild

Remmy and Art

Quigly and Digby

Baby and Homer

Silver, George and Donneur

Cocomo and Asterik