Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Oscar Returns, RIP Bob

Our stray cat Oscar had been MIA for several weeks. For those of you who don't remember Oscar, he is our stray cat that Jason so valiantly defended from the opossum.  Just when we had officially decided that something must have happened to him he showed up at our back door this evening.  Carter, Jason and I were all thrilled to see Oscar. He came around as we were eating dinner and we immediately rushed food out to him and admired him through the kitchen door while we all ate our dinners.  

He didn't stay around long and eat very much when did not make any of us happy. After dinner I had to go to one of the front pastures to medicate one of the horses. The horse in question was literally located as far away from the gate as he could be while still being inside the pasture. As I was making the long trek out to catch and medicate him Jason sent me a text message: "Oscar came back and is eating again. Don't disturb him." 

Well, good to know where I stand in the hierarchy around here. 

Since I had a long walk out in the pasture, then had to medicate the horse, and then a long walk back in I was confident that Oscar would be finished with his meal by the time I was done and ready to return to the house. As I walked in the door Jason immediately asks me if I saw Oscar. I told him that I had not seen Oscar when I came in the house. "Did you get my text? I told you he came back to eat some more and you shouldn't disturb him."  I didn't even respond since it was obvious that it was going to be all my fault Oscar was no longer eating on our back porch. Apparently Jason and Oscar really bonded over the whole opossum incident.

Oscar the stray cat; picture taken in August of last year

In other news I think I forgot to officially inform the world that Bob the Betta fish did not make it. My prediction was that poor Bob was not going to make it a week under our care. However we did lots of reading up on Betta fish and were trying to do everything perfectly after our less than stellar first day with Bob. Apparently our efforts were not good enough. Bob made it exactly seven days under our care. Jason and I were surprised when we found him floating as he was acting quite robust on his final day. The three of us had all spent some time admiring Bob that morning. When I stopped to see what Bob was up to after lunch Bob had passed. RIP Bob. 


 Cuffie reluctantly being body clipped

Is there any way out of here?

Toledo and Kennedy

Rocky and Largo

Lotus, Romeo and Lofty

Traveller and Lily

Ritchie and Tony

Levendi and Moe


Faune and Lotus

Flyer grazing under the moon


An American in Tokyo said...

RIP Bob!
If you ever feel like getting fish again, maybe get a feeder goldfish next time. Those are very hardy!

Cuffie!! You look so slim and slender after your clipping, like a supermodel!! Wow!!

foffmom said...

Parent to parent. Betta fish are best avoided. (mainy because they don't do anything really. Death is the most entertainment they can work up to.) And hermit crabs, which are nocturnal (think about that, a pet only active in the middle of the night?) and rather boring. You can tell that they have passed on by the eventual smell. Ugh.

Lori Skoog said...

Good news and bad news. Hopefully Oscar will stick around. The weather looks gorgeous, as do all the horses.

Beatrix said...

Aww, well next time you get a Betta you'll be better prepared.

Some major envy coming your way from Iowa by the way. We had FROST this morning. FROST. I just...Gah. FROST.