Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The List Keeps Growing

Last week was a very busy week. So far this week it has been slightly less busy, yet regardless of how hard we work the to-do list keeps growing. As I said to a friend of mine over the weekend "that ain't right." 

Although I am exhausted yet again this evening I am also slightly giddy as I relish the thought that I did my last body clip of the spring today. I have body clipped eight horses over the last four weeks. That doesn't seem like a huge number as I type it, however I have a lot of hours into these body clips at this point. When most of your victims subjects are  making it very clear that a bath (usually a double bath) and a body clip were absolutely, positively not on their list of things to do that day it can make for some fun times. I have lost count of how many poop piles I have cleaned up, how many screams have been trumpeted in my ear, and how many times my victim subject and I did our own version of the tango in the cross ties.

Sebastian wrapped up the spring 2014 body clipping brigade today

Although it seems like I just finished the spring mane taming project yesterday I spent several hours today starting round two of mane maintenance. Not only does hoof growth accelerate at this time of year, mane growth seems to move into warp speed. As I trudged through the pastures chasing down unwilling participants I had an inner dialogue with myself. 

Me: Self, why do you do this? You hate doing manes, just let them grow. It doesn't matter.

Me:  I hate the look of unpulled manes. Hate it, hate it, hate it. 

Me: Self, which do you dislike more? The look of unpulled manes are actually wrestling with the manes?

Me: I don't know, I hate both of those things. 

Me: Self, hate is a strong word. 

Me: Yes I know.

I went around and around with myself and really tried to talk myself into letting the manes grow. Thus far, despite my absolute loathing of mucking around with manes, I am still unable to convince myself to just let them go.

Needless to say after spending a day working on manes and body clipping horses I was covered in horse hair from head to toe. In example number 999 as to why Jason and I would make terrible neighbors I actually took my clothes off outside when I was done this evening and then ran straight to the shower. Yes, TMI I know. However it would be even worse if we lived in a subdivision, then it would be serious TMI for our poor neighbors. On that note I will say goodnight. 


Sam, Johnny and Lighty

Lightning and Lucky

Traveller and MyLight

Chance and Leo

Lofty and Silver

Romeo and Flyer

Stormy and Bergie

Duesy and Bruno


Suzanne said...

If god is willing, sugar is gonna retire with you... I think you're fantastic!

foffmom said...

You made me laugh. Last week, I found my husband's pants in the living room, draped over the chair. I told him this was the best argument I had for finally getting shades in the living room windows! We live in the country, so need has been minimal.