Thursday, May 22, 2014

We Do All the Things

Even by our standards this week has been busy. Every day we have been up and at 'em and out feeding horses no later than 5:30am.  Our days have continued on from there and we usually make it back in the house by 7:30pm. Math was never my best subject however by my calculations we are 56 hours into this work week and it is only Thursday. It is a good thing we enjoy what we do and embrace the fact that it is as much a lifestyle as it is a job. 

We have had a day with the dentist this week, we had a farrier day today, I've done some more bodyclipping, we are dog sitting Bella and Trooper, the vet will be here tomorrow, Jason removed all the hay feeders from the pastures and started making compost piles, and in the middle of all that Miss Lyle the goat was waiting for us in the driveway one morning instead of in the goat paddock. And of course we have done the usual feeding, medicating and otherwise caring for the horses each day. Our goat escape artist was out again so I guess it is back to the drawing board for more goat containment strategies.

I am going to take a shower and collapse into bed. I might even sleep as soundly and as long as Jason tonight! Following are some pictures in which we do all the things:

Rip having his teeth floated

Ritchie having his incisors balanced

Ritchie and Trigger were trying to pull each other's halters off while waiting their turn with the dentist . . .

. . . "What? We weren't doing anything except standing here. Promise."

Bergie's body clip in progress

Jason cleaning up the hay feeders and making compost piles

Miss Lyle jumped out again despite our goat containment efforts

Jason holding Cinnamon for the farrier

 Bella says supervising is a tiring job

 Grand walking over to investigate Bella

Thomas hanging out with his best pal Jason while waiting for his turn with the farrier

a morning view of the farm just as the fog was finally lifting

a sunset view

Walon and Oskar having fun

Donovan, Toledo and Kennedy were having a 3 way play session

Norman and Calimba grooming

Hemi and Leo


Fabrizzio and Walden

apparently Africa had a very late night last night

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An American in Tokyo said...

I love how you caught Ritchie and Trigger just a second before something was going to happen, then the shot (one second later) where they are all acting like "good kids"!! ha ha!!

Looking forward to seeing how the goat containment will go from here! ;)