Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Stills

Calimba, Dolly and Cuffie



Norman, Silky and MyLight

Maisie and Traveller 

Lighty and Mick

Grand, Leo and Elfin

Elfin and Trigger

pretty sunrise

Jo, Mina and Miss Lyle hanging out

I think it is safe to say that Miss Lyle is ready to start shedding

Rubrico and Largo


Rubrico and Kennedy

1 comment:

foffmom said...

Good for you! I hope he is fine, and maybe if he/she could be neutered/spayed and given a round of vaccines. I try to get my ferals at least one round of the usual feline vaccines. They could tip his left(?) ear as well to mark him a treated feral if you like. Glad you caught him, next time could be harder. They learn.