Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Oscar is Trapped

We have been feeding our stray cat Oscar for almost two years now. Oscar has some serious demands for a stray cat. No dry food, canned food and table scraps only please. Oh, and be sure you don't get within fifty feet of him while he is eating, or any other time for that matter. 

We have complied with Oscar's rules all this time. Recently we noticed he was holding up one of his front legs on occasion but walking normally most of the time. Last night he was walking on three legs when he came to bang on the door and ask for dinner. I told Jason it was time to take action. 

This morning we purchased a live trap. This afternoon we prepared for Oscar's evening visit. We set up the trap and put two cans of his favorite food in the trap. I didn't think Oscar would get within 100 feet of the trap. Thus I was pretty amazed when I heard a ruckus and looked out the back door to see Oscar desperately trying to find a way out of the trap. 

We put a towel over the trap and that calmed him down a little bit. Tomorrow we are off to the vet. I guess we will also find out if Oscar is actually a boy. We have a bad habit of naming stray animals and being very wrong about their gender. Our fainting goat Miss Lyle is a perfect example of that. We had to add the "Miss" to her name after we realized he was, in fact, a she. Please think positive thoughts for Oscar and his leg. 


Oscar the stray cat. Picture taken about 18 months ago

Cocomo and Lofty

Norman and Cuffie

Dutch, Taco, Murphy and Renny

Donovan, Largo and Rubrico


Oskar and Kennedy


Lighty, Sebastian and Sam

Fabrizzio and Remmy


RuckusButt said...

Good catch! I know first hand how hard it can be to catch a stray cat in need of a vet, well done! Hope it's minor. And that he's a he, I guess!

Love the furry spring horses doing their thing. My Armani just started shedding which a)is a great sign spring will come to Ontario eventually, and b) means I will be dealing with shedding for a looong time, since we still have a fair bit of real winter left to go!

EvenSong said...

We trapped our feral barn kitty, Sarge (because he has stripes) a couple of years ago so we could take him in to get spayed/neutered (we didn't know either). Trouble is, before we got him, we found out he was sharing the dry cat food we left out with another cute little black and white [pole] cat... It was an adventure! (We did manage to release him with no one getting sprayed. Phew!)

Anonymous said...

Glad you got him - hope the vet can help with his leg and that he can get "tutored" while he's there!