Thursday, May 28, 2009

Welcome MyLight

We had the pleasure of welcoming a wonderful new addition to our family of retirees this week. Her name is MyLight and she is a thoroughbred mare. Her mom patiently waited for us to have room for her beautiful mare and I am so glad we were able to get things worked out! MyLight has been an absolute joy to be around from the moment she stepped off the trailer.


Her name MyLight is perfect for her. She has this very understated elegance about her and a quiet, confident, yet very friendly personality. She has been as relaxed and happy as she can be since her arrival yet also curious and inquisitive about her new surroundings. I can tell that she is the type of horse that takes things in stride as I watched her flat out on her side napping in the paddock on her second day with us.

MyLight enjoying a good roll in the grass

Just like Elfin she sits up like a dog and then does the "dog walk" to roll on her other side

MyLight and her mom were partners together in the dressage arena for 10 years. Her mom had been leasing another horse that ended up going lame so she was looking for another horse to lease. MyLight had caught her eye several times and she'd noticed that her owner rarely came to ride her. She inquired about leasing MyLight and it some convincing before her owner finally agreed to the lease.

She made friends with the goats easily

Her mom said that after only a few weeks she was in love with MyLight. This comes as no surprise to me after spending a few days with her! She inquired about purchasing her and was given a flat no for an answer, that MyLight was not for sale. So she said she stepped completely out of character and kept asking about purchasing MyLight until she finally got a yes. She and MyLight never looked back and spent 10 great years together pursuing their love of dressage. MyLight's owner said that prior to knowing MyLight she was not a mare person at all, but after having worked with MyLight for so many years she now knows she really loves a great mare.

MyLight is all about living the good life. She is happy to graze, roll, nap and socialize. She's come to the right place!

Prior to beginning her dressage career MyLight started life at the track. She actually managed to win one race before retiring from the track after a very brief racing career. I've had the opportunity to watch MyLight trotting around in the paddock and she has a lovely trot that screamed dressage as I watched her. I have to say nothing about her said "speed" or "race horse!" I am pretty confident that she was happier as a dressage horse!

Showing me her lovely trot

Please join me in welcoming the lovely MyLight to our farm. I'm thrilled she is finally here and it was well worth the wait to meet her!

Peacefully grazing
Looking at me with a mouthful of grass


Anonymous said...

What an absolutely gorgeous mare! She has a lovely, kind expression, and has clearly had a fortunate life. As you know, I'm a mare person!

raphycassens said...

What a lovely mare!

Java's Mom said...

Oh HELLO, she is SO PRETTY! Of course I love mares too, what a gorgeous addition Melissa, what a lucky mare. I'm happy for you all!

ezra_pandora said...

What a gorgeous and lucky girl :)

Amber Mac said...

MyLight is SO PRETTY!!! I want her! Her trot screams SHOW ME IN DRESSAGE! if you didn't notice, I absolutely LOVE dressage!

allhorsestuff said...

What a handsome mare she is!
I am soo happy for her to be there!

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

Hi Melissa,
I should restate that I guess....the old farrier told us that and now I cannot get it out of my head about the white hooves being soft!LOL! So said your horse had to! All we can do learn from all our mistakes...our horses are so forgiving of us. MyLight is very pretty and I can tell she has a floaty trot! So glad she's with you!

ZionFarm said...

She is so beautiful,

ZionFarm said...

oops, hit send too soon.:)

She is beautiful! Im sure she will enjoy her retirement at your farm.:)

Sully said...


Welcome, MyLight!