Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I'm still trying to get caught up on my pictures from the last couple of weeks. I was a lazy slacker and got behind on downloading and sorting. Since I need to get back to sorting and downloading so I can move myself out of slacker status I'm going to move right on to some pictures and not waste time trying to come up with something interesting to say!

Lexi and Cinnamon hanging out


Sparky finishing up a roll

Winston and Faune

Romeo and Sebastian

B-Rad and Alex


Dutch and Boo
Levendi and Thomas

Tony eating dinner


Lily, Missy and Cuff Links

Maisie, Harmony and Cuff Links


Noble and Slinky

Lightening and Lucky


Anonymous said...

A three-in-one - thanks! And all the others look great too! I always enjoy your peaceful happy horse photos.

Unknown said...

Your blog is so relaxing... I always love your photos!