Sunday, December 12, 2010


I have no doubt that school kids all over middle Tennessee are celebrating right now. It is snowing which means schools are closed. In fact since we have anywhere from half an inch to an inch on the ground with up to another half inch still to come I predict that the schools won't be open again until Wednesday at the earliest, but Thursday might be more realistic.

For that matter I'm also relieved that I did my grocery shopping on Thursday as I'm sure that the grocery stores were experiencing their usual pre-snow frenzy yesterday and today. For those of you not familiar with this phenomenon, snow, and I mean even a few snowflakes, is cause for mass hysteria in the south. We're all convinced we're going to be cut off from life and the world as we know it when it snows. Thus we all rush to the grocery store and buy them out of food as we prepare for armageddon. Up to two inches of snow is a big deal here anytime, but this early in December it is especially overwhelming for us, I think we're just not mentally geared up for snow yet.

In my corporate days when I still owned my company I always made sure I was at the office extra early any time it snowed, be it ten snowflakes or two inches or six inches. I knew I would be the only person that would show up at the office that day so I had to be prepared to function as everything from the receptionist to CEO.

These days of course I run a farm, so still no snow days for me. (insert pouty face with foot stomping here) Jason and I were out feeding the horses their dinner while it was snowing. I had on three layers of clothes plus my coat, a hat and gloves. Jason had on jeans, a shirt, a vest and his carhartt overalls (no coat, hat or gloves - he didn't think it was that cold!!) The horses of course had their blankets on. I did get a few pictures while it was snowing but I haven't had time to sort through them yet to see if any of them are worthwhile so they'll have to wait until the next blog. Until then you can enjoy the pre-snow pictures from Friday and Saturday.

Lucky, Teddy and Lightening with their noses in the hay
Darby and Ogie were being playful

Fuzzy looking around, Alex taking a drink, and Harmony in the middle going "hey guys, pay attention to me!"



Murphy and Wiz

Wiz and Dutch

Jo and Mina, World's Cutest Fainting Goats, and The Don

B-Rad says "Question: Why is Jason holding a jar of honey while he is standing in my pasture?" My answer: "B-Rad, I haven't the foggiest idea."


Sparky and Traveller

Norman and Lexi



Leo, Tony, Chance and Elfin

Apollo, Ivan and Homer (Levendi in the background)

Chance and Hoffy

Trigger and Levendi

Baby and Thomas

Sebastian and Winston


RuckusButt said...

That picture of Sparky & Traveler is priceless!

cheyenne jones said...

An inch of snow? It sounds like us over here! If we get a flake of the white stuff on a railway line, the country shuts down!!!!!Lol!

Anonymous said...

I remember the reaction to snow when I lived in Tulsa! We've got 45mph winds here this morning with a temperature of about 4 degrees, so the wind chills are awesome (not!).

SmartAlex said...

RE: Snowmaggedon

What is it that makes people dash to the grocery and buy them out of milk, eggs, bread and toilet paper?

Are they planning to stay home and eat french toast until they get the s...s?

Funder said...

Awww, I miss the South! I don't think they even salt the roads here for an inch, but I sure remember getting sent home early from school for a drizzle of snow. :)

Vivian, Apollo's Mom said...

Down in Florida, the horse people have been panicing as we have had into the low 30's and maybe even the high 20's the last couple of nights. I remember back in the late 1960's,early 70's when I was in high school in NYC, they let us wear pants when it was 20 degrees or below, other wise we had to wear skirts to school. I am dating myself and I digress but the people down here are wrapping their horses in sheets underneath these big fluffy blankets that look like down parkas! They are covering their heads and necks and leaving them covered when they turn them out during the day when it gets into the 50's or 60! Go figure- what do horses do in the wild? P.S. I love that picture of Sparkey and Traveler too!