Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Who's coming up the driveway ?

I've mentioned before that it's continually surprising to me how many people we interact with in the course of an average day. Many interactions get done in an impromptu fashion at various local community gathering places. If I choose to, I can spend as long as I want at the feed store, post office, gas station or local coffee shop. However our driveway seems to be a magnet for visitors and more often than not we watch the flow of visitors driving in and out of our very long driveway.

Most days the first vehicles to drive up belong to one or another of our employees. They bring with them a wealth of local knowledge and I enjoy hearing about and following the local foxhunting updates as well as what may or may not be happening in various local households and on various farms. We see vets, farriers, various service employees as well as an inordinate number of people who are trying to sell us something, most often something totally implausible.

From time to time we get people who are lost and are asking for directions. I feel sorry for these people when they drive up and find Melissa instead of me when directions are needed. (Melissa here - it is true that I hardly know where I am half the time and I certainly don't need to be giving anyone directions. Jason on the other hand is a walking, talking GPS system.). I think my favorite question was the guy who drove up, spotted me, and asked me if I could tell him who owned the farm. Apparently I looked like an unlikely owner in my dirty jeans and work boots.

Of course the best and most frequent visitors are friends and good neighbours, of whom we thankfully have plenty. I'm looking forward to seeing who turns in the driveway tomorrow!


Thor and Snappy

Happy grazers; Fuzzy, Murphy, Renny, Wiz, Dutch, Sam, Chili

Darby, Alex, B-Rad and Lighty

Thomas and Homer

Rocky and Clayton

Rampal and Johnny

Kennedy, Rampal and Toledo

Thor, Noble and Walden

Fonzi, Asterik and Gus


Funder said...

Jason, are you sure you're Canadian? You sound like a born Southerner. Can you give intentionally awful directions, like "Oh, go on thataway past the Jones's old place about a mile - not the new place, that's too far - then turn right and stay on the road after it doglegs a few times..."

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Consider this a stop in from your virtual neighbor. No gossip to impart, but I would share some of this particularly good pot of coffee. Have a great day you two! :)

Jason said...

Yes on both counts.

We lived on a very lightly travelled gravel road when I was growing up. At times in warm weather you'd find the whole family on the porch watching for dust plumes and wondering who was coming and what they might want !

I have a long history of going to the store or post office on a five minute trip for a quart of milk/etc. and arriving home seven hours later with four friends minus the mail and/or quart of milk. :)

CFS; Welcome Neighbour ! I would happily partake of your cup of coffee. :)

Vivian, Apollo's Mom said...

I know exactly what you mean. When we had our 120 acre farm in central Virginia, someone was always coming up our very LONG (and treacherous)driveway as well. At first it was the curious who came to see the crazy northerners who had bought the derelict plantation house. They usually were "looking for their dog". There was the guy who ran out of gas at 10:30 at night. Best of all were the people who came to check out the historical graveyard on the property. The first time that happened, I was in a field wearing a housedress, and not "decent" in my husband's opinion. It really used to irk me that I couldn't swim naked in my own pool on 120 acres! I'm from Westchester County in southern NY. Who ever stops by unannounced in that neck of the woods!?!