Sunday, November 17, 2013

Things You Might Not Know

Everyone on Facebook is doing the "things you may not know about me" post. I was assigned the number 11, and since it was extremely hard for me to come up with 11 things you might not know about me that were even remotely interesting I thought I would share them on our blog as well.  I did a post similar to this a few years ago but I didn't have to come up with eleven things, I think just seven, so there might be a few new things in here:

1. In my former life I owned a recruiting company. I was very successful with it and won lots of awards, including being named to Nashville's Top 30 Under 30 and winning the Nashville Future 50 award twice.

2.  I love elephants. Everyone knows I love horses but not everyone knows I love elephants. I think they are such amazing animals, so intelligent, and they form such strong bonds with each other. 

3. Despite spending most of my life in the south I am not much of a BBQ fan. I don't hate it, but I don't see why people go out of their way to eat it either. Maybe once a year or so I will enjoy some really good BBQ ribs or pulled pork, then I'm good to go without any BBQ for quite awhile. 

4.  I don't like it when my food touches on the plate. Jason finds this to be totally bizarre. However he did, as a joke, buy me a tupperware plate where the portion areas are completely divided from each other so the foot cannot touch. Jason just shakes his head when I pull out my special plate and happily use it. I also absolutely detest it when you ask for seconds of something and the person doing the serving puts the food on your plate NOT where that specific item was previously. Gross.

5.  When I took the morse code test to get my ham radio license I was the youngest person in the country to ever pass the test at the time. I don't know if my record still stands. My call sign is KA4PHZ.

6. I almost never watch television. It would be rare that I watch tv more than once a month for a few minutes. I never have time to watch tv, and when I do have some downtime I much prefer to read. My parents always limited tv time for my sister and I when we were kids so I never developed the habit of watching tv. I've never seen American Idol, Downton Abbey, or any of these other tv shows I hear everyone talking about. My mom tells me I would really like Downton Abbey. I actually ordered the series from the BBC website but I've never gotten around to opening the box.

7.  I am painfully shy. No one ever believes this when I tell them because I do not act shy. I learned to force myself to be friendly and outgoing when all I wanted to do was go hide in a bathroom somewhere. 

8.  I am terrified of ladders. I can sometimes make it to the third step but that is as good as it gets. 

9.  To date I have owned 12 horses. I've had 7 bay horses, 3 chestnut horses and 2 grey horses. I've had 8 mares and 4 geldings. I really am one of those weird people that prefers mares. 

10.  I have a degree in microbiology with a minor in biochemistry. I've never put my degree to use in any way since graduating. Well, that isn't entirely true. Whenever I read the "studies" that the various supplement makers put out I am usually laughing out loud at the complete lack of scientific method or actual research involved.

11.  I've never been a country music fan despite growing up in Music City. Jason on the other hand loves country music. Over the years he has worn me down a little and I do now listen to some country music, but he says the artists I like aren't singing real country music. Whatever. If it is being played on the country station then I say it is in the country music genre. 


newcomers Ritchie and Rip strolling through the pasture with Trigger and Leo

Thomas was in a hurry to go somewhere . . .

. . . followed by Apollo and Hemi


Walon and Johnny having a nap together


Romeo, Faune, Silver, Asterik, George and Lotus

Donneur, Lofty and Flyer having a lazy day


Anonymous said...

I don't even own a TV - haven't for years. I will occasionally watch a movie on the computer, but that's it. I don't have time for TV - I've got horses to ride, books to read and live performances - music, plays, dance - to attend and museums to visit.

I was a biochemistry major for a while, but ended up as a history major.

By my best count I've had 10 horses so far - not counting all the ones I've borrowed - 5 bays, a buckskin, a cremello, 2 chestnuts and a gray. I've had 6 mares and 4 geldings - I'd also say I'm usually a mare person - must be why I have 2 geldings now (as well as one mare)!

Anonymous said...

Oops - forgot one - make that 6 bays, for a total of 11 horses, and 7 mares and 4 geldings.

And that doesn't include Norman-the-pony who was never really mine (except when he was) - who is a champagne over, or any other horses that were only my children's.

Anonymous said...

Champagne overo . . . champagne over? what would that be . . .?

Funder said...

I will step up to the plate and eat any BBQ you don't want, Melissa!

My husband is also a food no-toucher. You are not alone.

You'll love Downton Abbey when you finally get around to watching it!

Cygnata said...

I'm a Ham, too! Add N3ZMH to yer call log. :D

RiderWriter said...

Great list, and no, none of this is boring in the least! Nobody has asked me to do it on FB, but tomorrow is a Milestone Birthday so perhaps I will give everyone a list anyway. :-)

We lived in Nashville for five years and I think I ate BBQ once? That's whatcha get with someone from New Jersey. Now meat n' three joints, some of them were pretty good.

My husband wore me down on country music as well, but I definitely can't stand the older super-twangy stuff. I agree about fingernails... ugh. SOME of the older stuff, like George Jones, is good, though. I prefer some of the modern CM singers, especially Keith Urban (I LOVE him, in fact).

Not much of a TV watcher, either, except for the essentials: Downton Abbey and Mad Men. Downton is, like, the best TV EVER. You simply must watch it. Even my son and brother enjoy it so maybe you can rope Jason in! I confess to also watching most of Breaking Bad, and some of the Walking Dead (though I have to cover my eyes for the gory parts). I guess I'm just an AMC/PBS fan.

It's nice that you are both readers. I'm the only one in my family, though my daughter does like her chick-lit.