Thursday, July 24, 2014

Getting Buzzed

Our interesting distraction of the day today was the crop duster that buzzed our farm repeatedly. He flew so low over our farm a few times I felt like I could reach up and touch the plane with my hand as it went by. I come from a family of pilots and grew up flying in planes of all sizes, from two seater single props to jets.  I love to fly. I love take-offs, I love landings, I like going fast, banking hard, doing stalls and rolls, hitting turbulence - there is nothing about the experience of being in the air that I dislike. 

I probably lost a good half hour of my day today because I was having so much fun just watching the pilot fly.  Just as when you cannot help but watch certain riders ride a horse, like watching Steffan Peters or Beezie Madden, some pilots just make you want to watch them fly a plane.  Our crop duster today was having fun, a lot of fun.  You have to be a daredevil and a risk taker to fly a crop duster as it is a very dangerous job and this pilot clearly loved doing what he was doing. He was banking his turns harder than he had too and once he saw me waving and giving him a thumbs up he buzzed our farm several times and did some more showing off.  With his last buzz he flew right over the top of me as I was waving from our porch, so close I couldn't even get the plane in the view  finder of the camera fast enough. 

I was loving every second of it and was so disappointed when the crop duster went back to actually dusting crops. Carter was as enthralled as I was.  On the other hand Jason wanted the plane to go away because it made him nervous and the horses never even acted like they noticed the plane at all, even as he buzzed low over their pastures. Just as I was thinking that I wished the guy could land in the field and let me fly with him for awhile Jason announced "I would crap my pants if I were in that plane." 

Thanks for the buzz kill Jason.

banking hard

about to buzz me waving to him from our porch


the main reason I took this picture of Walden and Fabrizzio waiting for dinner was because I liked the bird sitting on the gate hanging out with them

Walon and Oskar

MyLight and Dolly running, Traveller and Cinnamon trotting, Calimba walking, and Cuffie all the way at the end who couldn't be bothered to stop eating to move at any speed

Slinky and Lucky

Noble and Lightning

Silver and Romeo

Donneur and Gibson having an early morning grooming session

Leo and Chance

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An American in Tokyo said...

What a fun day! It reminds me when I used to see the Blue Angels flying around the Golden Gate Bridge! I sure miss seeing those guys.

I like the bird pic, too! Very nice of him/her to keep them company while they wait for dinner! hee hee!