Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Stills

Norman and Cuff Links


Silver, Lofty, Cocomo, Asterik and Gus

B-Rad, Nemo and Taco

George and Asterik

B-Rad and Alex

Lily returning home after spending a week at the vet clinic. She had a nice greeting committee lined up. (L-R Maisie, Calimba, Cinnamon and Dolly)

Another view of the greeting committee. I cut Maisie out but got MyLight in the picture. Calimba, Cinnamon, Dolly and MyLight.

Lily took off

Then everyone went for a welcome home lap around the pasture (Traveller, Cinnamon, Lily, MyLight and Calimba)

Traveller, Cinnamon and MyLight

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foffmom said...

Jason needs a high power water gun on his tractor. The next time they don"t move they get a bath.