Thursday, July 23, 2015

Top Names

I was perusing SmartPak's list of their top 100 names and I decided to see how many names from their top 100 were represented at Paradigm Farms. I've done this before but it has been a few years so I thought it was time to see how we stacked up next to the list again. 

We did fairly well with 12 of SmartPak's top 100 names represented on the farm. Here are the names that made both the SmartPak and Paradigm Farms list:


Chance (on the right)

Blu. I included Blu based on a technicality. Technically the SmartPak to name was Blue with an e, but I decided that Blu without an e was close enough.



Sam (yes he really is that silly!)




Leo rearing up on the right (he loves to play!)



I might have been able to sneak a 13th horse onto the list. SmartPak had Riley listed in their top 100. We don't have a Riley but we do have O'Reilly. I put Blu in since he was only one letter off from Blue, but I finally decided that Riley and O'Reilly were too far apart. So there you have our representatives to from SmartPak's top 100.


Nemo, Johnny and Taco

Merlin and Duesy

Lily and Maisie

another pretty morning view

Faune was having fun playing with a stick

George and Asterik

Rocky and Kennedy

Walon and Stormy


Donovan and Largo

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