Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Clipping Begins

Cino had the honors of kicking off my annual body clipping marathon yesterday. Since I've never clipped him before I didn't know what to expect. Actually, since he's pretty perfect about most things I was expecting him to be polite and cooperative and that was exactly what I got. It was a nice way to start the body clipping extravaganza. 

I almost made myself cry when I realized I had written down 18 horses on my clipping list. Basically all of the PPID/Cushing's horses. Jason took note of my emotional state and I am most excited to now have some excellent help lined up to help with bathing, clipping and general grooming. 

Today I clipped Gus. As I was scrubbing his tail with Quic Silver I started counting up in my head how many grey horses I was going to need to clip. I realized that I had 9 greys on my clip list, exactly half of the clippees. Good thing I bought a couple of gallon refills of the Quic Silver. I generally don't use it on their bodies as I think it can be kind of harsh, but I do try to Quic Silver out at least some of the brown color from their tails.

When I'm not with the dentist, farrier or vet over the next 2 to 3 weeks you can find me bathing and clipping horses. 


Cino looking unhappy about his multiple baths, or maybe he doesn't like having a purple tail while it is lathered in Quic Silver

Cino mid clip

Are we done yet? Getting closer, Cino.

Gus was body clip number two. Innocently grazing while he dries some after his baths.

getting started

Gus all clipped and ready to rejoin his friends


Oskar and Walon

Roho and River


Flyer and Lofty


Sam and Lighty

Duesy and Merlin hanging out

Hesse and Bruno


lytha said...

I bought the Heiniger Progress clippers on your recommendation and this year I can't get them to cut body hair, only the bridle path. I read the manual and took them apart and cleaned them, almost cutting myself on the super sharp blades so I don't think they are dull (?). I did find hair between the blades so after they were clean I put them back together and they still won't cut. I'm curious if you could help me figure out the problem. I've only clipped two horses with them, oiling every 5 minutes. How long can you go between sharpening?

I wish I could get Quic Silver in Germany! It really is the best. Do you want to do a care package swap?: )

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of white here (20 Appies) and Quic Silver is the best. I bought another product (just because I was out of Quic Silver and needed something immediately) and I'm so unimpressed with it I can't even remember what it is called!