Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday Stills


Grand and Elfin

Cocomo and Lotus

Trigger, King and Moe


Cino and Havana

Hemi and Moe

Silver and Asterik playing . . . 

. . . then assuming the usual "hey, just standing here" pose

Lightning and Remmy


Walden and Fabrizzio



Romeo and Lotus

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Nancy J said...

Well, this gave me a big laugh!!! I had not heard of "Fainting Goats", and reading your words reminded me it was our Wedding Anniversary. 55 years, and I had forgotten ALL DAY. Hugh had it in his diary too. How is Oscar the stray/ wild./ feral cat? I loved the story you told about him. Happy 8th Anniversary with your girls. ( p.s.I hopped to you from The Skoog Farm.)