Sunday, November 26, 2017

Sunday Stills

Bonnie and Igor telling each other,"good morning"

Duesy and Merlin

Levendi, Cisco and Trigger

Apollo taking advantage of his 18 hands to easily eat leaves . . . 

. . . Success!

Homer and Thomas

Lily, Norman and Maisie

Renatta and MyLight

Convey, Chance and King

Hesse and Fabrizzio eagerly waiting for breakfast

Hesse, Alfie, Baner and Taylor

Miel, Sam and Mick

Gus and Squirrel

Baby, Revy and Hemi

Johnny, Happy and Sebastian

Flyer and Lofty

Quibly, Digby and Paramount

1 comment:

Nancy J said...

They all look so well and happy, and Igor there too, what joy to see him on the fence.