Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Old Flames Rekindled

I have written in the past about the pony wars, where the mares stake their claim on a pony and fall madly in love. The central player in many of the pony wars has been Norman. Norman is quite the ladies man and has romanced almost all of the mares at some point over the years. Calimba in particular has always loved Norman. Calimba and Norman were in an off and on relationship for a long time. Calimba was ready for it to always be on. Norman would call things off the second she hinted at moving in together or, even worse, getting engaged. Eventually Calimba seemed to accept that Norman was never going to take things to the next level and they agreed to be friends.

I did not realize that Calimba and Norman had rekindled their flame until a few days ago. I needed to clip Calimba so I caught her and led her away from the other horses in the pasture to bathe her. Calimba of course started calling to her group as soon as we were a few feet away. To my surprise Norman was the one that answered her. He followed us over to where I bathed Calimba and voluntarily stayed by her side through her entire bath. Calimba would occasionally look at Norman and nicker, and he would answer her.

Undoubtedly Calimba has her hopes up that this time will finally be the time that Norman commits. I hope she still has her copy of He's Just Not That In To You that the other mares gave her a few years ago. She's going to need it.

In another news we've body clipped a long list of horses over the last 2.5 weeks and I think the first round of clipping of 2018 might be over. I've got my eye on a couple of horses, but I don't think clipping will be needed in their immediate future.

Calimba checking to make sure Norman was with her

Calimba all soapy, Norman still standing by

Calimba rinsed, Norman still at her side

 Calimba in progress

Calimba after

Bruno in progress

Bruno after

George in progress

George after

Wilson in progress

Wilson after

Baner with an after pose 

Remmy saying to me, "MUST WE DO THIS??"

Remmy and Baner took off frantically running to their friend Hesse upon their return to the pasture

Hemi, Apollo and Levendi



Havana and Art grooming

Nemo and Taco

Toledo, Johnny and Rocky

Traveller and Norman

Rip, Grand and Elfin

Donneur, George and Cocomo

Taylor and Merlin playing

Quigly and Happy

Baby and Revy

Johnny and Digby

Bruno and Alfie

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