Monday, June 25, 2018

Monday Pictures

Blu, Digby and Quiglyimg_7703-800x600

Remmy, Art and Duesyimg_7768-800x600

MyLight, Calimba and Cuffieimg_7780-800x600

Wilson and Walonimg_7834-800x600

Levendi and Ciscoimg_7845-800x585

Bonnie and Sabrinaimg_7865-800x600

Rip and Grandimg_7873-800x600

Homer and Revyimg_7889-800x628

Hemi and Apolloimg_7896-800x600

Elfin rolling on the compost pileimg_7914-800x600


Taco, Sam and Nemoimg_7998-800x600

Johnny, Happy, Taco and Paramountimg_8047-800x600


Dolly and Travellerimg_8314-800x600

Cocomo and Donneurimg_8351-800x600

Traveller, Renatta and Lilyimg_8454-800x589

Charlotte and Cinnamonimg_8479-800x600

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