Thursday, August 16, 2018

Even More Clipping

This week we've been busy clipping horses every day. Some of the poor souls being forced to endure a bath and clipping are getting their third body clip of the season while some were getting their second clips. I always joke and say that clipping days in particular are bad days in the eyes of the horses. They get pulled away from their friends for an extended period of time between the bath, some drying time, and then being clipped. I have decided that the horse conversations on clipping days go something like this:

Horse being bathed and clipped: "Do you know what I just had to endure?"

Horse not being clipped: "No, what's up dude?"

Horse being clipped: "I had a bath and then they clipped me!"

Horse not being clipped: "Wow, that sounds really bad. I think you should call your mom and let her know."

Horse being clipped:  "You're right! My mom needs to know the care is terrible at this place!"

Good care is such a cross to bear when you are retired.

Cuffie and Norman getting pre-clip baths; Cuffie in paricular did not appreciate the bath or the clipping and maintained his grumpy pony expression for all of it. Norman and Cuffie were both getting their third clips of the season.img_1958-800x600

Norman and Cuffie ready to be clipped; note Cuffie still has grumpy pony expressionimg_1959-800x600

when the treats were handed out Norman gave us a happy, alert expression . . . img_1963-800x600

. . . and so did Cuffie!img_1964-800x600

Sebastian being clipped; this was his second clip of the seasonimg_1760-800x600

Renatta being clipped; this was clip number three for herimg_1902-800x600

Lily having her *second* pre-clip bath. She didn't just find dirt to roll in, she found mud, and she completely coated herself in it. Lily detests being bathed, so it wasn't the best choice on her part. img_1896-800x600

Maisie is always fun to clip. Not only does she have perfect manners, her coat is so slick and shiny you get a perfect clip. This was Maisie's third clip. img_1905-800x600

Lily after her clip. Despite her second bath and being clipped you can still see a big brown spot on her belly. This was Lily's third clip.img_1915-800x600

Gus and Bruno ready for clipping; both were having their third clipsimg_1977-800x600

Bruno after his clipimg_1978-800x600

Gus after his clipimg_1982-800x600

Paramount getting his second clip of the seasonimg_2022-800x600

Thomas, Hemi and Apollo posing at the water troughimg_1889-800x600

Calimba, Charlotte and Renattaimg_0627-800x600

Squirrel and Sushiimg_0726-800x600

Cocomo and Romeoimg_0748-800x600


Flyer and Gibson groomingimg_0891-800x600

Digby and Paramountimg_1215-800x600




Gus and George waiting for breakfastimg_1682-800x600

Levendi and Ciscoimg_1714-800x600

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