Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Deer Family (Mostly) Comes to Life

You might recall that a few weeks ago Jason had a moment of temporary insanity because he was blissed out at Costco. Costco is Jason's happy place, and after a few weeks of missing out on a Costco trip Jason had the holy grail of Costco trips: he got to go alone. The endorphins clearly caused Jason to temporarily lose his mind, and he sent me a text telling me the deer family was back at Costco. After two years of skillfully avoiding the deer family, he voluntarily brought home the deer family.

One of his reasons for avoiding the deer family was that he didn't want to have to put it together. Unfortunately for Jason Carter has been a ball of excitement about the deer family and asked about 27 times per day when we were going to put up the deer family. Jason broke down and brought out the box with the deer family a few days ago.

Building them was not as torturous as Jason had anticipated. Of course there were some awkwardly placed bolts and screws that were almost impossible to hold at the right angle to get them in, but I think Jason would agree that it could have been a lot worse. Then we had to spend some time properly positioning and anchoring the deer family with Carter's guidance. Then he had to get each of us plugged in and fiddle with all of the cords.

Finally it was time for the big moment. We gave a nod to Clark Griswold as Carter and I assembled to watch the big moment when the main cord was plugged in. We clapped and cheered as the deer family lit up. It seemed like Jason's work was done. However it was still full daylight when we plugged the deer family in and it took me a few moments to realize there was a problem.

The problem? Jason's head and antlers were not lighting up. It did seem fitting that Jason's deer was the problem child in our deer family. Jason checked connections, stared at things, fiddled with nothing, stared some more, wiggled a few things, yet his head remained dark. Then he gave up and said he had done his part, so our deer family does have one dim member, Jason.

Occasionally Jason's head will light up when the deer family is first plugged in, and his head and antlers glow proudly. Then they go dark after a minute or two. We have ordered a replacement  Jason which will hopefully arrive in a few days. I am hopeful that replacement Jason will be fully functioning, unlike the original Jason. I guess we will find out.

the deer family had some assembly required

Jason building "my" deer (he built himself first)

perfecting the placement of each of us under Carter's direction (he insisted his deer had to be in the middle)

making sure they are happy with the placement of the deer family

Carter posing with "his" deer

Jason trying to determine why his head and antlers insist on remaining dark

raise your hand if you are surprised that Jason's deer is the one being difficult

Levendi and Cisco playing

Roho and Rubrico

fun run; Penny, Lily, Dawn, Maggie, Cuffie, Calimba, Dolly, Maisie, Jake, Missy

Levendi, Apollo, Cisco, Moe, Thomas and Hemi posing after a rain shower


Mick and Quigly

a closer look at Quigly





Rubrico, Wilson and Rocky

Taylor and Alfie

Sabrina, Sparky, Innes and Flower

Apollo, Revy, Moe, Thomas and Trigger

Flyer and Gibson 


Ripley and Sushi playing

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lytha said...

I LOLd at the photo of them standing way back to inspect them. They're beautiful!

Costco (another Seattle company!) is special for my husband too - he'd never been in a store like that, and his first time, he insisted on going down every single aisle. There are no Costcos in Germany, nor anything similar. Do you remember a time when Costco was for restaurant owners only? Then, one day, just like the day the US Defense Dept purposefully ended degradation of GPS signals, we were all invited. In those days they gave you a hotdog and a *can* of pop and that was all their deli had. We go to Costco every time we're in America. And we always get hot dogs.