Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Jason Goes Dim

I have no idea why, but Jason has gone dim again. Jason plugged in the deer family on Sunday evening and he was back to dim Jason.  His antlers, head and neck were dark while his bum and the rest of his body lit up beautifully. He has remained dim Jason since Sunday evening and our Christmas miracle has ended. I have no idea why. Jason has no idea why. We’ve got nothing, literally, when it comes to dim Jason.  His behavior makes no sense. He partially lit up for a month. He fully lit up for about ten days. He is now dim again.For those who have been lucky enough to miss it, catch up on the saga of the deer family with these posts:
When it comes to the deer family I have given up predicting what tomorrow will bring. We have had more than our share of issues with Christmas decorations through the years:
I am starting to somewhat empathize with Jason and his dislike of holiday decorations. Now that I reflect on it all they really don’t work out well for us!
Jason is dim again. However misfit Jason, or cousin Eddie as I call him, lights up in all of his short, golden, misfit glory. Complete with his pit bull collar.
Cinnamon, Jake and Calimba   
 Magic and Squirrel

Ascot and Quigly

Charlotte and Maggie

Baby and King


We had snow flurries for 10 minutes Monday morning; Taylor, Havana and Renny

Cino and Art

Jake and Cuffie playing

Gibson and Cocomo


Art, Baner and Remmy

Romeo and Flyer

Silver and Gibson

Lofty, Cocomo and Donneur


George and Asterik


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