Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Time To Roll

I don't know why, but every horse on the farm seemed to have the need to plop down and roll in front of me today. The best part was when I watched Ogie, Trillion, Sebastian, Faune and Asterik roll one right after another. Ogie started the domino effect with the rest of them following suit. One of them would roll, then the next one would walk over to the same spot and roll until each one had had their turn. What a rough life!

Elfin really went all out
Elfin doesn't usually stand up and then go down on the other side. He sits up like a dog and scoots himself to the other side with his front legs
On to the next side
Dogwalking back over to the side he started on
Back to his original side again
Finally finishing up his extended roll




ezra_pandora said...

It really makes you wonder if they all did it one right after another and in the very same exact spot, maybe there was something desirable on the ground? lol My border collie once found some deer poo that we could just not keep her away from and unfortunately for us, she had a hay day rolling over and over and over in it. lol

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Whatever the reason it was really cute watching the chain reaction of one horse after another gowing down to roll in the same spot!

Anonymous said...

maybe it was a 'dance off' ... did you notice all the other horses humming the same tune as each did their 'break out' ?