Monday, November 10, 2008

Welcome Levendi

Levendi is the newest addition to our retirement farm. He is a striking bay Oldenburg gelding with, in my opinion, one of the cutest faces on the farm. Levendi made the trip to our farm from Florida last week. He has been settling in nicely and has taken to the menagerie of animals on the farm quite well. He is quite fond of the goats and likes to groom them on the rare occasion that they stand still long enough for him to do so.

Levendi is another horse who was a lottery winner when horse owners were being assigned. Retired at the young age of ten due to complications from arthritis in his neck, he has no idea that many horses will never be as lucky as he is. Levendi is very well loved by his owner, who sent him to us after his previous barn hosted a retirement party in his honor. Kingsmeade Farm in Florida really treats their horses and clients right!

Like all of our residents Levendi considers himself an expert at grazing
He has a really cute face and typically has an alert yet soft expression

He thinks the goats are simply awesome little creatures
Exploring the paddock on his first day


Amy Bennett said...

What a cutie! You needed another dark bay!

ezra_pandora said...

He is very cute. Lucky feller.

Anonymous said...

This is LEVENDI'S mom, and I am so very grateful to Melissa...I know he will receive the best of care...though I will have to move in with him :)

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Hey there Levendi's mom - you will have to take a number and wait your turn as it seems everyone plans to move in with their horse! Jason & I joke that we are going to build a retirement facility for humans in the middle of one of the pastures. Then we can truly be a "full service" retirement facility. :)

Jason said...

Where's the joke ?? I ordered the bulldozer to start moving earth tomorrow !! :)

LOL !!

ezra_pandora said...

lol!! I will definitely be retiring my horses there for sure, even I am only 30! lol