Saturday, December 13, 2008

Winter Wonderland

It snowed - we received a bit over three inches of snow Thursday evening!! We received even more rain on Thursday. It rained all day on Thursday and when the sun went down it just barely went below freezing and the rain changed to snow. For middle Tennessee, especially this early in December, 3+ inches of snow is a big deal. Horses and people all had lots of fun in the snow. We had to get our fun in quickly as most of it melted during the day on Friday, and the little bit that remained melted on Saturday. Gwen, our amazing farrier, still made the trek to our farm on Friday despite the challenging (for us) weather and worked away on the frisky horses. Without further ado I bring you pictures of our winter wonderland.

The snow coming down Thursday evening. Being the good southerners we are (well, Jason is a Canadian transplant) we had to go out and play as soon as we realized it was snowing.
Missy and Teddy sharing a peaceful breakfast while Bella hangs out with them

Henry hanging out in the snow. Henry is only here for the winter and just arrived last week. His mom also owns Sebastian so Henry had an "inside track" with us. Henry came down from New York and may have thought his mom had lied and didn't send him south after all.
The goats weren't too fond of the snow, and neither were the chickens. Everyone else was!
My riding arena
The "big boys" hanging out waiting for breakfast
Homer impatiently awaiting breakfast
Harmony, Missy and Buffy
Leo and Elfin were playing and having a great time
Snappy, Clay and Chili


Amy Bennett said...

Pretty! But it sure does make a huge mess when it melts!

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

Harmony says, what the heck, am I back in Canada?

She lived in snow most of her life...that's nothing new to her!

Anonymous said...

love the pic of Faune! can you give him an apple from me :)

Anonymous said...

oops...Melissa, I just posted the comment on the last post "floating away" that I meant to put on this one. Maybe it will make more sense now.:)