Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Had to Share

this picture of Faune. You've met Faune before in this post. Faune's mom e-mailed me this "action" shot of him she had on her computer this evening. I absolutely love seeing pictures of the residents prior to their coming here, whether they are action shots or not. Since we feel like these horses become "ours" it is like looking through a family photo album when we see pictures of our residents in their previous lives.

Faune won extensively in the hunters in the professional and amateur divisions, but I learned tonight that he occasionally showed in the jumpers as well. He is over-jumping this jump by so much that the photographer couldn't even get his rider's head completely in the picture. And Faune still doesn't even look like he is trying! I've requested more pictures of Faune both showing off like this and just hanging out with mom, and if she can dig up anymore on her computer I'll share them.

And any other "parents" that read this post, if you haven't previously e-mailed me pictures of your boys and girls I would love to see them if you have them!

Faune showing in the jumpers at Saratoga
While I am showing off pictures of our residents, Sebastian's mom sent me this picture of him a couple of weeks ago. This picture was taken at Christmas a few years ago (if the wreath on the stall didn't already give the season away). I love this picture of Sebastian because it looks like it should be a holiday card, and also because his mane is dark and he is obviously a few years younger in this picture than he is today!!

I think this picture should be a Hallmark card, don't you?


ezra_pandora said...

Those are great pictures. Sebastian is definitely post card worthy for sure. Picture perfect. As much as you enjoy seeing pictures from before, I'm sure all the mommys and daddys enjoy the pictures you post of now too :)

Anonymous said...

So totally a Hallmark moment. Sebastian's mommy had better frame that and put it on the wall.
Victoria, Sport, Ben, and Gracie