Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fun Facts

Jason and I just sat down and calculated a few fun facts:

-We are currently feeding 1,209 pounds of hay per day (geesh, no wonder no one is skinny!)
-We are currently feeding 128 pounds of feed per day
-We estimate that the horses are drinking about 290 gallons of water per day right now. This number will more than double in July and August.
-One gallon of water weighs about 8 pounds, so the horses are currently drinking 2,320 pounds of water each day.

These are the types of pointless thoughts that meander through my head as I go about my day on the farm!

Jason and Jo the fainting goat running up and down the driveway together. We know, we need to get a life, so no need to mention it!

Some of the big boys grazing on Tuesday. I will warn you in advance that there is nothing to see in this video except muddy horses grazing happily!

Slinky, O'Reilly napping, and Snappy

Asterik and Sebastian (aka "Sebi")

Cinnamon and Sky
Buffy (I often call her "Buffers" but I could not tell you why)

Snappy, O'Reilly and Lightening touching noses, and Lucky
Winston, Ogie and B-Rad
Faune (the Big French Guy)
I had to take this picture of Lily; she was asleep, lower lip drooping, hind leg resting, soaking up the sun. Not a bad life at all.
Cuff Links (Cuffie) and Missy


amy324 said...

Loved the video of Jason and Jo. I started laughing before I even hit the "play" button.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

I think playing with us goats is the best life you can have! hee hee. I love Jo and the way she did a little head toss as she cantered! Goat kisses from Isobelle!

ZionFarm said...

WOW. That is quite a bit of hay,feed and water you guys go through in 1 day!

My favorite is the video of Jo and Jason, how funny!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the driveway running was almost too exciting for Jo - I thought I saw a little bit of "stiffening" there on the second run! It's all fun and games until someone faints from the excitement, lol.

PhunnieOne said...

I want a goat to play with!!

Unknown said...

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