Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Mouth to Feed

It was almost dark as I finished up evening feeding yesterday. I was walking up the alley towards the shed where I keep feed and some movement caught my eye. Since it was almost dark I had a hard time discerning what I was seeing. It looked like my yellow jug of vegetable oil was moving around. I knew this had to be wrong but that was definitely what it looked like.

It occurred to me that I could use the zoom lens on my camera as makeshift binocular to try and get a better look. The camera was struggling with the lack of light but finally on the screen I realized what was going on. It was a &%$#! raccoon walking around with the plastic container of oil. Given the way his coat was shining on his chest he had clearly been lifting it up and taking swigs from it. At this point I started running towards the shed yelling "hey, drop that and get out of here." He looked at me for a brief second like "what is your problem crazy screaming lady" before dropping the container and scurrying off.

As I reached the shed I thought about this. I always leave the shed door open while I'm out in the pastures feeding as I'm in and out of the shed constantly until I am finished so getting in the shed would not have been a problem. I was positive I had put the oil back in the shed after I had used it and not left it sitting outside. I was also positive that I would have screwed the lid back on immediately after use. Sure enough the little jerk had gone in the shed and unscrewed the cap, and then left a trail of oil behind as he carried it outside. Between what the little jerk had consumed and spilled my almost brand new gallon jug of oil was 2/3 empty. I hope I don't see him again any time soon. If we do meet again under similar circumstances it will be war!!

Some pictures of one of the cutest scenes I've seen lately, B-Rad and Justin were both using Alex as a head rest while they napped. I was so glad I had my camera, it is amazing how many photo opportunities like this I miss.

Leo and Hemi

Trigger and Ivan


Leo looked too cute not to take his picture
Leo looking less happy since his buddy Grand was still eating and he was done. Leo's dream in life is to be a hard keeper.

Faune eats a hay cube/beet pulp mash for lunch every day. Jo the fainting goat loves to lick the remains out of Faune's mash bucket every day, she looks forward to Faune's lunch as much as he does. Faune did NOT approve of this even though he had already eaten - he does not believe in sharing food!

Justin, Fuzzy Punch and Clay grazing

Boo and Murphy hanging out

O'Reilly with his super cute little elf ears

Snappy and Teddy

MyLight and Maisie

Traveller, Norman, Lexi and Cinnamon enjoying an afternoon siesta in the shade

Romeo, Asterik, Winston and Sebastian

Darby and Ogie


Unknown said...

bugger coon. Get some moth balls that'll keep them at bay.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Wow..You are going to know that coon by it's shiny, shiny coat!

Anonymous said...

We have cat food on the counter in the barn aisle, and every night, the bowls are emptied - I'm suspecting raccoon, too - I guess they're stocking up for winter!

Love the nose rest photo!

Anonymous said...

I, Frizzle would have attacked the coon! I'd bite and scratch and hiss and be very very vicious. Human says I can't even catch a squirrel. I resent that.