Sunday, October 3, 2010

Busy Weekend

We've had a lot of activity around the farm this weekend, even more than usual. Please enjoy the pictures and I'll find the time to type something interesting soon. This blog exists for pictures anyway!

Maisie and Lily grooming each other

Winston and Faune

Fuzzy Punch

Cuffie has been breaking in the new group of geldings on the other side of the fence since they big boys moved. He is such a pony. First he acts all cute and sweet and innocent. "Hi Alex, I'm Cuff Links. Let's play!" Then he'll bite them on the nose or do something equally ponyish.

Cuffie and Alex again
Then Cuffie moved on to Ogie; look at those cute, pricked ears

And then the ears go back and the teeth come out!

Justin and Wiz grazing

Dutch and Murphy

B-Rad striking a pose

B-Rad and Ogie

Lily and Cuffie hanging out in the shed


Anonymous said...

Lil seems to be tolerating the Cuff pretty well! Gotta love that pony cuteness and pony behavior!

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Looks like a lovely day down there!

Sylvia said... cute! Love Pony!!! B-Rad looks handsome!