Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I don't have time to write much of a post tonight. My house is still in desperate need of cleaning despite my repeated wishes that I walk in the door to a clean house. I could also whine complain mention that my repeated wishes for rain at the farm have been completely ignored. On the other hand our new farm (which isn't very far away!) sees a nice, steady rain once a week. The Big Boys have no idea how good they have it right now. Half the time you can hardly see them because the grass is so tall. If the other horses knew of the big disparity in grazing conditions they would all be signing a petition to move and arguing about who got to load on the trailer first. We now have hay out in a couple of the pastures here as the grass is struggling since it hasn't rained in weeks.

My only conclusion is that this lack of rainfall here is something personal against me. So whatever I have done to offend you Mother Nature I offer my most sincere apologies. I will ask again that you send the rain clouds that insist on missing this farm by a couple of miles into position directly over us. If you could get on that sooner rather than later I (and my allergies) would be even more appreciative. However I suspect I am still on the bad list and my pleas will be ignored.

Hemi and Chance snoozing

Grand and Leo

Levendi, Hoffy and Elfin

Trigger and Hoffy

Chance and Thomas

Apollo and Ivan sharing a meal

Elfin and Leo

MyLight and Missy

Asterik, Faune and Sebastian
My Dad and Cloudy hanging out

Snappy rolling


Wiz and Dutch

Boo and Bella the dog

Alex, B-Rad and Ogie cruising through the pasture . . .

. . . and then trying to decide where to go next

Murphy, Dutch and Wiz eating together


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! Sending rain thoughts your way.

cheyenne jones said...

I could sit and watch horses forever!

amy324 said...

I'm afraid if any more of my charges are retired to your farm, their groom will have to convey with the next horse. I hope you have a room for me! Thanks for the pictures of Maisie, and of Maisie and Lily communing, and little studly Norman. They are obviously happy and that makes me happy. :)

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

We have the same here at our farm as you do with your new place. We get more rainfall than other areas and people just cannot believe the difference a mile or two makes in another direction! We're thankful we're on the receiving end. Wow, you have three of Kate's horses retired there now!? They all look very happy.