Thursday, February 3, 2011


Sunkissed Acres Rescue is located in North Georgia. This is an excellent rescue and the founder, Lori, does absolutely amazing work. You can check out all of their financials on Guidestar. How Lori is able to see and deal with the things that she does, day in and day out, is beyond me. I would hate all people if I had to fill her role. I am so lucky to spend my days with horses who have caring owners who are willing to provide the best for them. Lori spends her days dealing with the opposite.

I try to support Lori and Sunkissed Acres in any little way we can. Since we feed Triple Crown and the rescue also feeds Triple Crown we save the proof of purchase (POP) off of each feed bag and send them in batches to Lori. Since she is a registered 501(c)(3) she gets a small discount per bag for each POP she has. When we have blankets we are no longer using we send them to the rescue. Occasionally we drop a box of supplies in the mail that contains every day needs like wormer, vet wrap and medicated shampoo. None of these are big things but when you are a rescue every little bit counts.

I read story after heartbreaking story about the horses and dogs that Lori rescues and rehabilitates. Her latest case is named Miracle. I have copied and pasted the following about Miracle off of the Sunkissed Acres website:

"Dear readers, I warn you that this will just make your heart break. Please be prepared…

This horse was advertised for sale in under livestock as a 1-1/2 year old Tennessee Walker. Described as well broke under saddle for $150.00

So, a man looking for a companion for his weanling heads on over for the good deal. The photos are graphic, but please meet Miracle.

She was unable to stand on her own and the owner had her slung with chains. Note the damage to her chest, you will see the damage to her legs in the other photos. The man who went to look at her, simply told the man it was best if he just gave her to him so he could give her a decent burial if nothing else. Miracle could not stand or walk so they slid her up on a board into the trailer.

He was referred to me and so I went there armed for life saving battle. This little filly is no more than 8 months old. And just when you thought it could not get more inhumane, she apparently carried not only a saddle but was packing the owners grandchildren around as well. She has no legs, she has no chest, she has no hope. She is literally run into the ground. I can almost pick the little thing up by myself. She is eating and drinking well, when we stand her up, she can walk around but when she gets tired, she lies down again and cant get herself up. The decision, if in two days from now, she cant keep get herself up on her own, she will be humanely euthanized. We are able to lift her to her feet using the engine hoist, which is in the heated garage. This is a perfect solution for her right now since it is so cold and blanketing is not an option.

Friends, the rescue is full. There is simply no more room and no more funds to support another. Yet I received a call today from AC about taking in and housing a mare about to foal. There has to be an end in sight. Please, if you can…consider adopting one of our adoptables or sponsoring their care for a day, a month…no amount is too small. Veterinary supplies, blankets and donations for hay are in need. And as always, your help sharing the stories of our horses in need through email, on your websites and social networking sites is a blessing to us.

We will keep you updated on Miracle over the next 24-48 hours. Please keep her in your prayers!"

If you have a spare $5 that you can donate to Sunkissed Acres they could really use it right now. There is a paypal button on their website on the right hand side for donations. I thought long and hard about posting this on my blog as I have no doubt some will find it offensive or inappropriate. However it is my blog so I decided to post it anyway.

Needless to say the pictures of Miracle are heartbreaking. WARNING: I have posted two pictures of Miracle below. DO NOT LOOK if you do not want to see a starved, emaciated horse. I hope Miracle pulls off a miracle and is able to turn a corner in the next couple of days. This little filly deserves to have the opportunity to learn that all people are not scum.

And on to happier things! Below are some pictures of happy and healthy horses.

Spike stuffing his face full of hay

Snappy looking good at almost 30 years young

Noble and Lightening looking very . . . not clean!

I looked at this picture of Grand (and his tummy) and thought "hmmm, he's wintered well!"

Slinky and Lucky


Sparky and Bonnie

A tough day on the retirement farm; Norman, Sparky, Bonnie, Lexi and Traveller

a closer view of the snoozers

Rocky and Rampal

Cuffie and Stormy were staring at each other across the alley; I have no idea what they were saying to each other

Maisie and MyLight were having fun

Chimano, Asterik and Winston

Harmony and Maisie

Johnny and Stormy

Rampal and Johnny

Fuzzy, Murphy and Dutch


Funder said...

Really, really tragic. I've never seen anything that bad, but I've seen kids on yearlings. It's ok cause they're both young, see? :headdesk:

I hope she'll pull through, but if not I'm glad to hear Lori is prepared to euth her rather than let her suffer til she dies "naturally." I'll send her something - not much, but I can give a little.

Your poor horses. So cold and tired they can't even stand up. (Do you get "dead horse" calls when they're asleep near the road?)

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Funder we've literally had people drive up the driveway and knock on our door in a panic because of the "dead horses."

You hit on one of the many reasons I am so supportive of Lori's rescue - she is not a "keep them alive no matter what" type. She WILL euthanize and so many rescues seem unwilling to do that. In miracle's case I feel 2 days is a reasonable time frame. She has a chance at life, but if she doesn't make it at least she had a couple of days where someone cared for her. So sad.

Anonymous said...

So sad - some people are so ignorant/mean/despicable that words fail me.

We too get phone calls about "dead horses" when ours lie out flat.

Mrs. Mom said...

I've heard of Lori's rescue, and all good things. My heart goes out to all the folks in rescue that have to clean up other peoples messes. Knee mail going for Miracle, Lori, and all the animals in her care.

Anonymous said...

I have been to Lori's once. It's a nice set up and she is a awesome lady. When FHOTD ran that one peice about Ginger is why I ended up going there. Never knew they existed until Fugly blogged about them. We ended up not adopting because we didn't own the house we were living in and decided we better not. Now we own a house. I will be talking to my husband to see if we can go there and see if we can adopt someone who just likes to plod around on a little trail riding and being a spoiled pet, once my pasture is fenced in. Until then...I am going to hit the paypal button there and donate. Thanks for posting this. You and Jason are awesome people yourselves.

SmartAlex said...

I send Lori all my extra and unappreciated equipment for her store or her own use. I don't know how she keeps on keeping on with some of the cases she's had.

Jason said...

Well girls, looks like the motto of the evening is that pleading and tears really do work on soft hearted husbands.

If Miracle makes it, and if no one else has stepped up to claim her, she will have a home here with Melissa and I for as long as she cares to stay.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Wow Jason, that is so GREAT!!!!! (A million exclamation points)

I hope that dear little horse pulls through because no horse could be more deserving of hitting the horse lottery and ending up at you place for the rest of her life.

Off to donate :)

Vivian,Apollo's Mom said...

My heart is broken and I haven't even seen the pictures. I am going there right away online and giving a donation. The cruelty of some people towards defenseless animals never ceases to amaze me! My heart goes out to you two offering her a home if she makes it.

amy324 said...

Donating, sending encouraging thoughts to Miracle, and hoping to see a blog post soon, welcoming her to Paradigm.

EvenSong said...

Just checked their site, and it looks like little Miracle is making some progress, YAH!
btw, I have an award for you guys over on my blog. You may take it or leave it as you please. Just wanted to send some new readers your way, and thank you for a great site.

Ellen, Gus' Mom said...

So sad - I'm going to let everyone at our barn up in Massachussetts know so we can get some donations for Lori.