Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Udpate

We've been slowly and steadily warming up the last few days and as of this morning all blankets are off again. If nothing changes in our 10 day forecast we have nothing but 50's and 60's, and possibly low 70's, to look forward to. No complaints from me! Bonnie and Sky might be complaining a bit since they both had short rides today. If they could talk I am pretty sure they would say "no one else gets taken away from their friends and put to work so why do we???"

For all who have e-mailed and asked for updates on little Miracle she is doing amazingly well. On Thursday Miracle made the short trailer ride from her rescuers home (Mr. and Mrs. Gurley, the WONDERFUL people who answered her original ad and found her literally on death's door) to Sunkissed Acres. She did give Lori quite a scare when she was unable to get up again Friday morning with the fear being the trailer ride had been too much for her and sent her backwards too far to be saved. Some very nice guys from the Chattooga County Water Dept. went to Sunkissed and helped Lori get Miracle to her feet. Since then she has been able to both stay up and get up on her own. She really is a Miracle and quite the little fighter. She has even managed to trot a few steps in the last couple of days!

Sunkissed Acres has been really good about posting new photos and updates about Miracle on their website and on their Facebook page. I check for updates on Miracle regularly!


Rocky and Kennedy

Clayton looking like a very happy horse - dirty and stuffing his face!

Stormy, Rampal, Johnny and Tiny
Fuzzy, Alex, B-Rad and Justin
Sky, Sparky, Lexi and Bonnie
fuzzy wuzzy Norman
Cinnamon and Traveller
Romeo and Gus

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Norm might need one of those body clips, too! So glad Miracle seems to be holding her own.