Tuesday, March 22, 2011

E-Mail Addresses

I don't know how Jason and I found ourselves assigning e-mail addresses to our pets the other day but we did. We started off on a serious topic and somehow wound up jokingly making up e-mail addresses for our horses, dogs and goats. Truly one of those "how did we wind up here" conversations! Here are some of the e-mail addresses we came up with:

Mina (one of the World's Cutest Fainting Goats) - minaisagoat@faintinggoat.com - Because for some reason we always joke that Mina walks around saying "Mina is a goat."

Jo (short for Josephine, the other World's Cutest Fainting Goat) - muddertires@faintinggoat.com - Jo is a tomboy and we always joke that if she could drive she would have a jeep with big mudder tires.

Bear - allaboutme@beartheschipperke.com - Bear has a huge fan club of which he is the president. His e-mail address says it all as Bear's motto in life is "it's all about me!"

Bonnie - rocketscientist@bonniethehorse.com - We always joke that my mare Bonnie is way too smart for her own good. She definitely thinks she is smart!

Sky - canadianeh@skythehorse.com - My mare Sky is from Canada and we're pretty sure she says "eh" a lot.

Hoffy - okmommyifyousayso@hoffythehorse.com - According to Jason my horse Hoffy always says to me "Ok mommy, if you say so." Hoffy says this regardless of what I ask him to do, I have no doubt he would jump through flaming hoops of fire if I asked him too, "ok mommy, if you say so."

Jason and I can't be the only people who have crazy conversations like this about our pets. To make us feel a little less crazy tell us what your pets' e-mail address would be!


Kennedy keeping watch while Toledo and Stormy nap
Clayton and Tiny
Boo and Justin
MyLight and Maisie
Silky grazing, Spike going after an itch spot and Lucky watching me
Lightening and Snappy
Regis and Noble
Thomas and Levendi
Trigger, Elfin and Apollo


Seindria said...

My website actually has email with it (though I need to ask the admin to nuke the box, again, since I couldn't log in for quite a while and I get a LOT of spam), but my dogs Max and Bandit (rest in peace, guys) actually had their own email boxes for a while.

Nancy said...

Miracle's would be iminheaven@paradigmfarms.com

RuckusButt said...

My Plott hound, Hazel, would be: molassesinjanuary@exercise.com
because she needs a TON of exercise but is otherwise so calm she's like molasses in January.

My Tonkinese cat, Tonka, would be:
because, although he is in perfect health at 16/17 years old, his whole life he has had issues with puking. The higher the launch point, the better. Fun. His alternate could be breakstuff@superfun.com.

My leased horse, Brumby, would be:

and pretty much every foster dog would be: thanksfoster@newhome.com

jeesh, i could go on all day ;)

Jason said...

We had a cat that super-puked every time I got near it. And apparantly somehow this was my fault; according to Melissa I stressed it out. The email address I can repeat was fortheloveofGoddontgetnearthecatJason@highsteppin'.com. :)

Anonymous said...

Norman's would be "proudtobeme"

Lily's would be "mywayorthehighway"

Maisie's would be "snuffawhuff"

Dawn's would be "wildandcrazygirl"

Pie's would be "steadyashegoes"

Drifter's would be - don't know yet!

Laura said...

hahaha - those are funny. Good to hear that we aren't the only ones who make up funny things about our pets...

My black lab Max - imachicken@chickendog.ca

My old tabby - bordercolliehater334@hotmail.com

One little kitten:


The other kitten:


And my horse? Rusty@grouchyappys.ca

thanks for the laugh!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Sweetpea my lab pit mix - catpooisdelish@nomorekisses.com

Q my jack russell terror -

Lucky Barnett the feral barn cat-


Anonymous said...

We nick-name all our animals..

JB, our dog, we call Beezer, Annabelle, our other dog, is called (& actually responds better to!) Annie-Banannie.

For the puking cats, I have a cat with puking problems too.. I started her on Pet Naturals of Vermont daily probiotic treats & hairball treats, & her puking has pretty much stopped.. it's AWESOME!!!

She used to puke daily, sometimes with every meal.. now she throws up every other month, if that. Highly recommend!


Vivian, Apollo's Mom said...

I also have a puking cat and will take down the name of that supplement. I got a huge laugh out of your post and am busy making up email addresses for my own pets. Maestro, whom you know, would be: i'mtheboss@schnauzeronguard.com

Ursula would be:lovemelovemeloveme@rescuedog.com

Apollo would be: foodisus@hanoverianhorse.com