Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fateful Conversation

Jason was telling me a couple of weeks ago about a conversation that he had with our vet. The vet said that given that the majority of our boarders are either elderly and/or retired due to soundness issues it is amazing how little they see us. Jason said the vet was really giving us a compliment and that he wrapped it up by saying that we were the perfect example of getting the basics right and therefore eliminating a lot of need for him (the vet).

I cringed as Jason was recounting this conversation. Jason was a bit surprised by my reaction and didn't understand why I was looking so unhappy about this complimentary conversation. I said to Jason it was tempting fate way too much and that now we were going to go on a streak of seeing the vet.

To be specific we've seen the vet three times since that fateful conversation. Thankfully all of our needs have been manageable things like a cut that needed a couple of stitches, one of the horses choked (on soaked feed no less!!), stuff like that. Hopefully three is the magic number and we can go back to our usual state of not seeing or talking to our vet for weeks and weeks at a time!


Levendi and Leo
Trigger and Apollo
Wiz and Sebastian
Johnny and Tiny . . .
. . . Tiny and Johnny switched roles
Asterik and Winston
Rocky and Kennedy
Welcome to our new arrivals; Regis pictured below . . .
. . . and Silky


Anonymous said...

I think the reason your horses are (mostly) so healthy is that, in addition to your great care and management, they're living the best life for horses - 24-hour turnout, lots of room to move, in herds and with 24-hour access to high-quality forage and clean water. That's what horses really need - anything else we do is an approximation.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

It's funny how superstitious we can be about good fortune with our horses. Regardless of tempting fate - your husband was correct. You can see in the photos of your lovely residents how happy and healthy they are :)

Keep up the good work!

maggie said...

Chance's mom Maggie here- just stopping by to comment and say I cannot wait to come meet both you and Jason and see my boy! It's been a long couple of years, and your excellent care and attention to these horses is the biggest comfort in the world to me. I am so grateful to you both. So looking forward to the weekend :) See you soon!