Thursday, December 15, 2011

Water in Winter

I remember being stuck in Lexington due to an ice storm three winters ago when Melissa called crying and cold after being outside for seven hours on a ten degree morning trying to keep all the water troughs open. Fortunately there was not ice in Middle Tennessee but it was much colder than normal and at that time we did not have electricity at every trough. We also had one hydrant that had a leak and it froze during this very hard freeze.

In spite of the ice in Kentucky, I dusted off my winter driving skills and left Lexington immediately. After an epic trek across central Kentucky including three hours on the Bluegrass Parkway completely by myself (I later found out they closed the highway) I finally made it home and put my Canadian cold weather skills toward remedying some of our problems. A few hours with a blow torch had us in water again and everyone was happy. Fortunately we don't get many ten degree mornings in this part of the world, but I disliked that one enough that I swore up and down that we were going to do better when we had our new place.

Fast forward three years. As we approach winter, one of the nicest things about having everyone at the new farm is having properly installed, correctly buried water lines, properly installed hydrants and insulated troughs in every paddock and around all the buildings. We have eliminated the need for electricity and trough heaters which is a huge relief as you always worry about trickle voltage when using them. Cold weather and the possibility of intermittent power doesn't scare me a bit any more. In spite of the infamous rock, every line and connection on the farm is buried two feet deep...more than twice the frost line in southern Middle Tennessee. The horses have instant access to unlimited quantities of fresh, clean water and if something fails there are shut offs everywhere and redundancies are already built into the system.

Winter coming ? Yawn. This Canuck says bring it on !

Toledo and Johnny

something had Fuzzy and B-Rad's attention

Elfin even managed to get his eyebrows dirty when he rolled

Rampal and Largo

Calimba, Norman and Cuff Links


Thor, Walden and Lucky

Chimano, Faune and Winston


RuckusButt said...

Didn't you warn me about issuing "bring it" challenges to winter not too long ago?!?

I love the sound of your set-up. Wish we could get away with something like that here but we definitely need electricity to keep the troughs clear!

I love all the fuzzy horses! I swear they have thicker winter coats than my guy!

Funder said...

You both must be loving your mild winter! How'd you insulate the tanks?

Bif said...

Dear Canuck,

Obviously you have never worked in an ER or Cracker Barrel. Never make statements with the words quiet, easy, totally prepared, or bring it.

Earthquake hits middle Tennessee and I will laugh so loud you'll hear me from frigid Ohio ;-)

Murphy's Law and the "q" word police

Anonymous said...

oooo aren't you just asking for it?