Thursday, March 22, 2012

More of the Same + HUH?? and Take a Guess

I mentioned in a post last week that Jason and I had replaced our old manure spreader that finally died with an even older manure spreader. We weren't really sure if our 1950's model John Deere spreader would actually hold up to doing some work once it was loaded so were pretty happy that we spread 43 loads without any issues the first day we used it.

We spent another day spreading manure yesterday and put another 55+ loads through our ancient relic. So far it is still working perfectly although we both keep wondering how long it will last. We're about halfway through spreading our piles although we'll probably move on to other things for a few more weeks before we finish. Some of the piles need a bit more time to compost before spreading.

I have to admit it gets rather mundane driving laps around a pasture with the manure spreader. Our routine is that Jason is on the tractor scooping up buckets full of compost and loading the spreader. Then I go for a short drive and spread, then repeat this scenario over and over and over.

As I was waiting for Jason to load the spreader for like the 30th time yesterday I entertained myself by looking at Jason's ipod. Normally I ignore it and try to pretend it does not exist. Anyone who knows us knows that we do NOT share the same taste in music at all. Jason doesn't want anything more to do with my ipod than I do with his.

I scrolled to his most played playlist assuming that I wouldn't recognize, nor care to listen to, any of the songs. Jason has an affinity for old country music, like from the 50's, and I do not. I was shocked when I saw what the most played song on his ipod was. I would never even GUESS that this song was on his ipod, much less the most played song. This song is on my ipod and our playlists never overlap - or so I thought.

Who can guess the most played song on Jason's ipod? A few hints. It is not a country music song. It is not even an old song, in fact it is fairly recent. It made it as high as number 3 on the charts in 2009. It is one of the best selling singles of all time and it has sold over 9.8 million copies. It is by a female American artist and off of her debut album and is a techno/dance type song. I thought I knew Jason so well until I saw this on his ipod. When questioned about this Jason said he accidentally synced his ipod with mine once so now he has all of my music plus his. He claims this song reminds him of our fainting goat Miss Lyle and he likes to listen to it because he can envision her dancing to this song (I will add that I can also imagine her dancing to this song, the beat suits her). Yes, he says he listens to the song because he envisions one of the fainting goats dancing to it, not because he actually likes the song itself.

Any guesses on the song?


a couple of views from the rearview mirror; that is the front barn in the background and a load being dumped into the spreader

that is the mare's run-in shed in the background and another load being dumped in the spreader

George and Asterik

Lighty, Alex, Darby and B-Rad

Silver and Faune

Rocky, Toledo and Kennedy

I had to really study this for a minute before I knew who this was - Romeo

Thomas and Grand

Stormy and Clayton


lara said...

paparazzi? Lada Gaga...

RuckusButt said...

This might just be your best post ever, lol. While I can picture the lovely Ms.Lyle dancing to many songs, my guess is going to be Lady Gaga's "born this way". Cause she's beautiful in her way and she's definitely on the right track being at your farm ;-)

Anonymous said...

Lady Gaga - Let's Dance . . .?

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

All very close! Correct artist but not the right song - yet!

Anonymous said...

Poker Face

Anonymous said...

The Fame? Boys Boys Boys? Just Dance?



Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Born This way!!

Bif said...

We want answers!! (and are a little afraid of the answers, all at the same time)

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Poker Face is correct !