Thursday, March 29, 2012

"We Thought About You"

Jason and I were pulling in the driveway one afternoon returning from running some errands. There was a truck from the water company parked in the entrance of the driveway near the rode. Our water meter is at the road. This did not make us think happy thoughts.

The nice man from the utility company was over at our meter and walked back over to the vehicles when he saw us pull in. With some trepidation in his voice Jason asked "is everything ok?" You may recall that we had a nice Christmas present in the form of a 48,000 gallon water leak. Thankfully the company noticed a dramatic increase in their usage one day and isolated the problem to our meter and shut off the water before our 48,000 gallon leak had a chance to get any bigger.

We both drew in a breath and sent up a little prayer as we waited for the response to Jason's inquiry. And the verdict was . . .

there was no problem! Apparently they had noticed an unusually large increase in water usage again and the guy said "we immediately thought about you." Since he was nearby he immediately drove over to check our meter.

Well that's just great. They have a leak and now they immediately think about us.

But thankfully this leak was someone else's problem (and bill). Hallelujah!

Have a great weekend!


Moe, Baby, Apollo and Trigger



MyLight, Cuffie and Maisie

Tony and Baby

Fonzi, Gus and Romeo

Elfin doing his famous dogwalk; instead of flopping all the way over or standing up and going back down he sits up like a dog and rotates on his haunches to roll on the other side



EvenSong said...

I'm sort of surprised you guys aren't on your own well...

Vivian, Apollo's Mom said...

It's so strange to see Apollo and no Ivan...