Sunday, August 26, 2012

He's Just Not That Into You

Nothing is more entertaining than watching the mares and ponies and all of the shenanigans that go into their herd dynamics.  The Pony Wars are nothing new around the farm, we have written about them often.

In my last post on the pony wars I described Norman the pony’s personality.  As we all know Norman is very cute and he has a magnetic personality that draws in horses and people.  Norman is also fully aware of these qualities.  He loves to be in a relationship with one of the mares.  He does, however, have very specific ideas about the boundaries of the relationship.

Norman likes to keep things in the early stages of a relationship where both parties think the other is perfect.  He likes being in that phase where everything is fresh and new, you do a lot of things together, yet at the end of the date everyone goes home separately.  Norman is not interested in moving in together, getting engaged, or (horrors) being married. 

Norman and Calimba have been in a relationship off and on for the past year.  Calimba really likes Norman.  Norman also really likes Calimba.  However Calimba always wants to push their relationship to the next level.  She wants to get engaged, or at least move in together.  Whenever she starts pressuring him for more Norman immediately starts backing off and spending time with others.

Norman and Calima

Clearly Norman and Calimba have reached that tipping point in their relationship again.  Calimba is trying hard to convince Norman that he would be happy in a more committed relationship.  She grooms him, she follows him around and will gently rest her muzzle on him, and generally is doing all she can to change his mind.  It isn’t working. 

Calimba wooing Norman with some grooming

I think her girlfriends are going to give her the book “He’s Just Not That Into You.”  I’m sure there is already a well worn copy floating around in their pasture from Norman’s previous relationships.  

What else is there to say?



Darby, B-Rad and Alex

Thomas, Hemi and Apollo

Faune and Winston

Johnny and Largo



Baby and Trigger grazing,  Moe napping

Lightening and Noble

Chili and Sebastian


Anonymous said...

Gotta love that Norm - he's a pony of strong opinions!

Bif said...

Great post. Who needs TV when you have your own soaps in the pasture?

SmartAlex said...

What a heart breaker!

spotz58 said...

I'm curious if the mares do this with pony mares? It seems the ponies are all geldings?

Jeni said...

Gotta love ya a non-commital guy... right?

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Does Norman actually say no to being exclusive... or does ha just hint around, hoping Calimba will "figure it out"... Poor Calimba. ;D

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

spotz58 the mares love all ponies, both the pony geldings and the pony mares. Cinnamon the pony is currently stewarded by MyLight. Missy the pony passed a few months ago and she was probably the most coveted pony of them all.

spotz58 said...

Ah, thanx Melissa. Hmmm, toss old theory and work out new one.