Thursday, August 16, 2012

Moving On

Post by Jason

As some of you know, I lost my father a long time ago. The memories of everything surrounding his death are seared into my brain in such a way that I can recall even the most minute details as though they happened an hour ago. I remember what I was doing, who I was with, what the weather was like, even where and how I was standing when the phone rang with the dreadful news. I remember that the morning after my dad died I was genuinely surprised to see the sun rise in it's normal fashion, just like it does every day. How could the sun rise when such a big part of my world was gone ? 

Life does indeed go on; you don't ever get to forget that on a farm, even for a minute. Cows and horses don't have voicemail and don't understand the concept of deferred pleasure. Even in your grief you can't wait a few days to feed and water them. Their needs don't change one iota even though your world may have been rocked to it's foundations. For me, the first bit of comfort I felt happened when I was in the barn tending the animals the day after my dad passed. Putting one foot in front of the other was cathartic in it's way. Melissa spoke the truth when she said that it really is a blessing to do what we do every day. Quietly tending after the horses has given her a lot of peace and comfort this past week. I hope she's taken the time to stop and reflect on things, as I did when it happened to me. On a farm, sunrise follows sunrise and tomorrow usually looks a lot like today. That too is a comfort in it's way.

As Melissa mentioned a few post's ago this blog is mostly a place where we talk about our farm, the horses and all the things that revolve around them every day. So it shall be again, beginning with our next post. I can promise that neither of us will ever forget the overwhelming amount of support that everyone has showed us during this time. Thank you so much for your kind words, notes, cards, prayers and patience.


Lotus and Romeo

Toledo and Clayton having some playtime

Kennedy  hanging out in the woods

The other morning had off and on light rain showers.  The horses were in the shed when it wasn't raining and out grazing when it was raining.  Wiz, Dutch, Murphy, Fuzzy and Renny.

B-Rad, Alex and Darby hanging out in the woods

Lighty, Sebastian and Wiz all ignoring me as I called them to come for breakfast.  They would lift their heads and look at me then go back to grazing.

another spectacular sunrise over the farm

Winston and Titan grooming

 Rocky taking a nap

Maisie and Lily

Fabrizzio and Walden

Lucky and Thor

Trigger and Grand grooming before breakfast


Jess said...

I want to reach through the computer and "flopple" Kennedy's lower lip around. Too cute! My very first horse hung her's like that all the time! I thoroughly enjoyed "floppling" that lip all over as I used to say!

RuckusButt said...

You should both take all the time you need. I'm sure your boarders will understand the brief pause in blog posts; they know your horse care won't change one bit.