Tuesday, October 22, 2013


We have a lot going on around the farm but no time to write about it. Enjoy the pictures and we'll be back with an update soon!

MyLight, Cinnamon, Norman and Calimba waiting for breakfast under a pretty morning sky

Having fun in the pasture. Thor leading followed by Walden, Fabrizzio and Noble . . . 

. . . Lucky and Thor . . .

. . . Walden opens the gap followed by Noble, Lightening, Merlin and Fabrizzio . . .

. . . Noble and Merlin pulling away from Fabrizzio and Lightening

Kennedy and Toledo had a nice view from their napping area

Largo and Rocky

Faune, Silver, Flyer, Gibson and Cocomo

Lotus, Romeo, Lofty and Donneur

Griselle and Miracle

Thomas and Hemi


EvenSong said...

That first photo has amazing light. Makes little Norman look so elegant against the sky.

And YAY! For Miracle--she looks great!

Jenny said...

Norman could be a wild mustang in the first pic! They all look great in that light.