Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Things We've Been Doing

We have had all kinds of things going on in the last few days. 

We've seen lots of pretty sunrises during our very early mornings

We've been dogsitting Trooper and Bella. Trooper even helped supervise the building of the ghetto fence.

They don't have the best leash manners since they're never on a leash.

We've had more gravel delivered to replace old gravel. Our gravel guy probably considers us one of his best friends

Jason has been hangin' with The Girls

I watched my mare Bonnie win her Open Training division at MTPC Horse Trials

She won lots of ribbon and trophies

Deciding where she wants her name engraved on the trophy

Needless to say when you add the usual goings-on around the farm to the mix along with a couple of new residents we've been more than busy.  We also have a farrier day tomorrow and the horse dentist the following day.  I'm not loving the fact that the rain chances are high on both of those days, especially since my rain boots have a hole in them.  I find nothing to like about my boots making a squishing sound as I walk along, and having wet feet all day. I know, it's my fault, but I keep forgetting about the hole in my boots until it rains.  Have a great Wednesday!


Calimba and MyLight waiting for breakfast

Donneur and Gus grooming

Grand napping while Levendi and Moe graze

Donovan and Kennedy napping, Stormy and Oskar hanging out

Noble and Thor before breakfast

Hemi, Apollo and Thomas hanging out in a shed

 Chance and Leo

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Vivian, Apollo's Mom said...

Apollo looks beautiful!