Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Consulting and Speaking

(post by Jason) As many of you know I spent nearly 20 years working for others in the feed industry in various consultative, nutritional and sales roles in both Canada and the United States. When I came home to the farm full time a few years ago I applied what I knew to the horses in our care but I had no desire to attempt any sort of consultancy that involved anybody except a current Paradigm Farms client. In spite of the fact that we don't advertise any services except those we provide to clients of the farm we receive requests every week, and sometimes every day, for nutritional advice, ration analysis and information on how to start and run a retirement farm. We have also received requests from across North America to speak to different groups about what it is like to run an equine retirement facility.

It became apparent very quickly that we could spend our lives giving out free advice and all we were going to get out of it was being worn out. So at the first of this year we began to charge for any but the most basic advice. This got rid of the tire kickers as we had intended it would but that left a number of people who were willing to pay for our expertise or to hear what we had to say. Getting our feet wet also reminded me that I enjoy doing nutritional consulting, and doubly so when I am doing it for myself and not on behalf of someone else. After thinking it through and talking it over extensively, Melissa and I decided I should formally offer our services on a limited basis and see where it went. Our last conversation is the reason for this post. Below are a list of services we can provide.

Nutritional Consultations including:

  • Getting the basics right
  • Farm Visits - Troubleshooting Problems - Production Analysis - Forage Testing
  • Ration Analysis and Interpretation
  • Supplements ? When, Why and How Many

Of the aforementioned activities it is always most productive for me to have a farm visit and see the horses and the situation in which they live. Although I have done my share of consulting from a distance a farm visit is always ideal if possible. I am happy to work with a group of owners, a barn manager or individual owners as the situation warrants. Email us for pricing, availability and scheduling.

Speaking - Melissa and I are available on a limited basis to speak to you or your group about many aspects of running a successful equine retirement farm. Each of us have our own areas of expertise; combining our talents has resulted in Paradigm Farms as it exists today. Topics broadly include but are not limited to:

1. How we got started

2. All aspects of managing and feeding the horses:

3. All aspects of caring for our clients

4. All aspects of managing and running the farm

5. Transitioning a horse to retirement

6. What happens when it ends ? Managing end of life issues and euthanasia

Again, email us for pricing and availability.

As always caring for the horses on our farm remains our primary responsibility and interest. Melissa and I do the majority of the hands-on daily horse care ourselves and have no desire to change that.  Everything that we do is scheduled around horse care and farm management duties.


Traveller, Norman, Cuff Links and Lily

Walden, Fabrizzio and Merlin

Bergie and Kennedy

Elfin and Leo

Ritchie and Rip

Johnny and Africa

Walon and Johnny

Stormy, Oskar, Kennedy and Bergie

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EvenSong said...

Good for you! I always feel a little guilty "picking your brains", but have always appreciated your input. I wish I could take advantage of your nutritional advice, but have felt that was too specific to ask "for free." (I have always wondered, however, that I never see any grazing muzzles on any of your residents...)
My "start-up" is going well, and I always give you guys credit for the inspiration. Won't ever be as extensive as Paradigm (we've only got 14 cross-fenced acres), but it's just about right for us, with 5 current boarders. Now if I could get a long term lease on the 50 acres next door...